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Hi All,

Can someone please clarify on below?

Question 1) A project is in the final stage of testing when it receives a major change request from the customer. This would delay the final delivery of the project by 2 weeks. What should the Project Manager do NEXT?

A) Create a change request and go through the change management process
B) Evaluate the impact of the change
C ) Communicate the implication of the change to the customer
D) Adjust the project management plan and baseline

According to me Answer should be "B" as we need to evaluate on other triple constraints as well(In question impact evaluated only on schedule).But Correct answer is "C". how ?

Question 2) A Project Manager working on a critical deliverable encounters a major change that affects the schedule baseline and the next milestone deliverable. This change cannot be accommodated within the current project management plan. What is the BEST option for the Project Manager?


A) Avoid the change as it gravely affects the project deadline
B) Explore options to reduce the effect of change
C) Communicate the implication of this change request to the customer
D) Seek approval from change control board or project sponsor

Correct answer is "D" why should not be "C" or"B" as in above 1st question we communicate the effect of change to customer or Explore options to reduce the effect of change.

Question 3) A Project Manager has just finished a Gantt (bar) chart representing the project schedule. Which of the following documents does NOT get updated?

A) Activity Resource Requirement
B) Risk Register
C) Resource Leveling
D) Calendar

Why correct answer is "C"

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The PMP is all about getting the questions down to two good answers and picking the BEST choice.

#1: I'd go with C because the key here is "in the final stage of testing". To me this sounds like new added functionality that the customer is adding at the nth hour that was never a part of the project. A & D seem wrong because we haven't done any hard analysis yet, but we have done enough analysis to determine an impact to extend the project "by two weeks". This means we have done a least a quick impact analysis (it would seem odd to do it again). C is a great answer because the customer probably doesn't even REALIZE or KNOW the impact of the change they are requesting and communicating the impact to them seems the best answer before actually executing that request.

#2: This question, as compared to #1, reads more like we have encountered something that is not optional (the above question is a request), secondly this doesn't seem to have come from a customer. A & B seem wrong because neither seems probable given the situation. C seems weak because a customer doesn't appear involved. It also appears that the severity is such that it will have an immediate impact and may allow missing the next milestone and "accommodated within the current project management plan" seems like code that the project management plan will need to updated. Thus, D seems right (though we'd need a change request, but that option is assumed with D).

#3: This is more straightforward, to get updated it needs to be an output of some process. Only Resource Leveling is a resource optimization technique (a tool) and thus would not be an output of anything.

The PMP examination is all about trying to get it down to two possible answers and picking the best one. Your explanation of #1 is pretty telling, you are going into the question with an agenda on how it's supposed to work. That is not what the PMP exam is really testing. It's really testing what is the best option (from the answers) given where I am. What advances, negotiates, communicates or facilitates the project. My explanation to #1 is better because it uses some "common sense" instead of spending wasted time on a lengthy PMB analysis. You know it's two weeks, you know it's late in the project - the best option at that moment is to make sure this customer understands the impact of his / her request.

This is the PMP exam in an nutshell.
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