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Finally, I was able to sit for the exam this morning, after a no show proctor last weekend...and I waited 70 minutes last weekend.

Thank you Devin! Today, the OnVue crashed but at least I was able to take it. With your help Devin, 5xAT, first try. For at least 80 Qs I applied what you suggested. See below.
Thank you Devin!

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That's why memorizing the ITTOs are useless (though you should be thoroughly familiar with major ins/outs and unique tools). The test is trying to see if you have mastered the foundation by seeing if you choose solutions that are outside the PM scope, non-standard, or hacked. And read carefully the question - what is the BEST option, what is the FIRST thing to do, what would you NOT do.

I only used the prepcast and did fine on the exam.

good luck!
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James Clary

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Yes, this helps, Devin.
I did relatively well on the PrepCast exams 1-7, but got rattled (again) on the PMI sample exam this morning.
I'm in crunch time, so I'll be e looking at the more ambiguous question through a new lens.
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B is wrong because we don't know the impact.
D is wrong because PMs are recognized as professionals that seek to provide guidance, understanding, root causes, etc. Communication just for the sake of communicating is wrong.
C I'd eliminate because do data analysis on what? You haven't gathered any info and this sounds like the PM being the subject matter expert.
A is a strong candidate because it brings in the team, is collaborative, elicits more ideas that C and ultimately would lead to a resolution.

The question is more like I planned a trip and now my car is overheating and I have a long way ahead of me. Should I do some data analysis on how much longer the trip will take or do I talk to people in the car about ways to overcome the heating problem. This is very much like the PMP exam, over and over, question after question getting it down to two answers.

Think about what solves the problem with what you have in your current situation.

Hope this helps.
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James Clary

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Hi. As most of us know, the PMP exam is loads with short questions that have us begging for more information. Those are the hard questions. In PMI's sample test there is this question:

You're cruising along in executing and, boom, a risk crops up that wasn't found during planning. What should the PM do to handle it?
A. Brainstorm ideas with my P-team to mitigate the newbie risk.
B. Ask for some extra cash from the sponsor to handle the risk.
C. Do some data analysis for the newbie risk, to mitigate it.
D.Holler to the Stakeholders about the newb risk.

Great, we're in execution. A new risk, great.
Let's do some analysis of the newly found risk. (In fact, on a very similar Q, the answer is "Assess the risk in terms of severity of impact.")
Then we can adequately strategize on a response plan.
(Wait, is it a threat or an opportunity?)

PMI's answer is A...Brainstorm with the p-team on ways mitigate the risk. It's as if PMI is conflating 11.2, 11.3, and 11.5 into one process.
Yet in brainstorming is used to come up with a list of risks, not a mitigation plan.
And I don't even understand why PMI is referencing 11.2; the risk has already be identified, albeit in executing.

I chose C. It can be argued that D is the best answer of the lot, because eventually that there's a new risk will be broadcasted.

Any tips on these weird questions?

Or on those other sample questions where you are in the middle of execution and the correct answer is to create a subsidiary management plan? I come out of my shoes when I see that type of questions, saying, "Wait, we're in Executing and we haven't done the subsidiary management plan yet?"

Thanks in advance.

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