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1 year 11 months ago #21667

Shweta Iyer

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Totally Agree with you and the logic that they have used. i barely touched 70% and took so much time for 200 ques. this has just got my morale down n thinking of revising the concepts again. also the options were super close for some of them eg act immediately, do analysis, update docs, let the stakeholders know abt it. ughhhhh
1 year 11 months ago #21665

James Clary

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I concur. I too am scoring > 80% in the seven prepcast exams.
While there were several questions which were straightforward, there were others that just left me scratching my head. After studying the question, I can back into their answer some of the time. Other times, not all, for example, I just posted a sample Q from the PMI sample testa sample Q from the PMI sample test.

I found on PMI's test there is no rhythm, i.e., sometimes when you are in executing the correct answer on how to avoid the problem in the future is to create the subsidiary management plan. You apply that logic later, it doesn't work. Other times, it's do some analysis before you go cry for help, other times you cry for help immediately (and ignore analysis). One thing I think of WRT to PMI's sample is that with instant feedback, it influences how you respond to succeeding questions. One must forget the earlier questions and focus on the current (obviously), so maybe with lack of instant feedback we'll keep our head on right.
1 year 11 months ago #21663

Shweta Iyer

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Hello PMP Aspirants,

i tried to take the PMI free questions that is allocated to PMI members and found the level to be hard and tricky especially the answer options as compared to PM Prepcast questions where i am scoring above 80% in mock. i am kinda worried after i gave the PMI ones since the level of difficulty would be same or probably higher than the simulator ones. How is everyone attempting the PMI questions have fared? also the answer explanation were vague for few of them.

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