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Implementing Risk Responses do not in and of themselves necessarily require a change request. However, you are buying or leasing another machine then that may require a change request, per the PMBOK, pg. 358, to update:

* Resource management plan. Described in Section The resource management plan is updated to reflect actual experience in managing project resources.
* Physical resource assignments. Described in Section Physical resource assignments are dynamic and subject to change due to availability, the project, organization, environment, or other factors.
* Resource breakdown structure. Described in Section Changes to the resource breakdown structure may be required to reflect the way project resources are being used.

As per the second part, if the price of your equipment is higher than anticipated AND greater than your contingency reserves, you can use management reserves which would require a change request to update the project cost baseline.
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Geeta Saini

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Thanks Eric. This is helpful.
Here is an example, if a machine breaks down in mid of a project and we have anticipated this risk and had a risk response of buying or leasing another machine, then we don't need a change request. Because, we already had a risk response in place and would have added a contingency reserve in cost baseline for this.
Now, let's assume that the price of equipment changes and its much higher than anticipated due to sudden demand or scarce availability. So in this case, we will either need to move management reserves to cost baseline or request for more budget (if management reserve is not adequate), which is a change in cost baseline, thus will require a change request.
Do you think I understood it correctly? Or I still have a gap?

Thank you!

P.S. Thanks for your encouragement, I am trying my best to fill the gaps and making sure I am not missing anything. Exam in less than 10 days. So keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best! :)
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Eric Wanyutu Kahiga, PMP

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Hi, Geeta.

Allow me to paraphrase your question, (feel free to correct me if this is not what you meant.) “If a risk response is executed that requires a change in the baseline, does it require a change request?”
Implement Risk Responses is the process of implementing agreed-upon risk response plans. One of the outputs of this process is Change requests. Please check out Fig 11-18 which is the data flow diagram of this process. (PMBOK 6th Edition, Pgs. 449)

Hope that helps.

By the way, Geeta, the quality of your questions is very good and I can tell that you will ace your exams. Keep it up!
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Geeta Saini

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If a risk response plan is implemented and it requires a change in baseline, does it require a change request ?

Please advise with references. Thanks!

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