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It is true that the situational questions on the actual exam are more vague than the PrepCast test bank. That being said, what PrepCast teaches you is answer elimination. If you failed, I'm hoping it was only by a few questions. That being said, we need to work on how to think about situational questions and eliminate bad answer choices. Again, the PMP exam is famous for making you pick an answer that is the least-worst answer which makes you feel like you aren't getting the answers right.

Here is how I helped another student think about situational questions: www.project-management-prepcast.com/kune...tual-pmi-sample-test

Eliminate answers that procrastinate, delay, escalate (for no good reason). Looks for answers that are proactive.

I also have another post on Reddit which shows how to think about these situational questions. Message me if you want some other examples of made-up questions.

This should sound familiar from the exam you just took:

A project has blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What is the best course of action for the Project Manager?

A. Wait till resources are available.
B. Escalate to project manager.
C. Do data analysis.
D. Discuss a workaround with the team.

Which one would you pick? A just delays the project. B - PMs don't communicate just to communicate. Plus what does the accomplish? C is analysis paralysis. D. Is proactive, uses brainstorming and moves the project forward.

Unless you get a "simpler" test from the test bank, the ability to answer these situational questions are the key to passing. If you have any other questions or comments, let me know.

Hope this helps.
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Christine Raedi

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I failed my exam today as well. Very very very disappointing. I've been studying for months and I can't imagine going through this again.
Where does one master the strength to go through this all over again!
From what am seeing, most people are recommending study groups...I guess I may have to look for one.
2 years 11 months ago #22044

Chan Rampersaud

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Hi, it is disappointing when you don't get the pass you were hoping for. That's a time if reflection and also not getting overwhelmed at whether you will pass again. Focus on what you learned from the exam itself vs how you prepared. You now a first hand look at how the questions are structured vs how simulators work. I am strong believer in knowing the content inside out as that is how you will practice PM in the real world applications. There are likely some areas that you were strong in and your focus might be in the areas you did not score well. Review and revise these areas and take your time to go through and understand the content as best as you can. Simulators are not a direct indicator of knowledge. They can be misleading. I would use them with that understanding and try to get a study group or buddy or mentor to help you through the subsequent preparations. Best of luck.
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Gabriella Dellino, PMP

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Hi Lili,

sorry to hear you failed the PMP exam. I can feel your disappointment... and it is helpful to bring that out.
I also had the impression that the questions in the real exam were somewhat more difficult than those from the PMPrepCast simulator, but I didn't experience any significant difference in terms of the way a scenario was described. And I learned a lot during the exam simulations, besides the PMBOK Guide and the PMPrepCast course. In fact, I thought the reason why I found them harder was because I felt anxious while taking the real exam.
My recommendation based on my experience is to go through all the questions from the simulator, and I even took some tests more than once - after taking some time in between the two.

Based on what you describe, I have the impression something didn't work properly if they took the break out of your 4-h exam time. When I took the exam online, it definitely was extra time, it was clearly marked on the screen, and I was allowed to leave the room; however, they kept the recording on - to prevent cheating, I assume. Then, once back in the room, I had to confirm I wanted to stop the break time and resume the exam. If the break didn't start/end properly, maybe this is the reason why you experienced issues and risked your exam to be revoked?

Don't get discouraged, give it a few days to 'decompress', and then I encourage you to read the article Jens referenced to draft your plan to recover.

Finally, the online proctored exam does not fit everyone, so if you don't feel comfortable with it based on your past experience, you may consider to reschedule the exam at a test center, as more centers are reopening around the world.

Hope this helps a bit!

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Aleksandar Stanisic

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I failed my exam today, too. The exam was MORE difficult compared to the questions provided here. Only 10% of questions were similar, where approx. 90% were different. Too many wordy questions, like 3-4-5 sentences, and wordy answers. Calculator was not allowed (their online calculator is blocked because of security - they do not care if it is blocked/visible or not), any paper notes were not allowed (home based test).

This simulator is no longer reflecting reality of the exam. I was at home, and also had (almost) my exam revoked after my son closed the basement window during the break! No one is allowed, even during breaks! They penalized me for 10 minutes of my time, so my exam was 4:00 INCLUDING the 10 minute break.

These uestions are no longer helpful as before, they raised the bar higher. I suspect the PMI increased the difficulty level after June 15th because of the recent problems they faced with cheating and messages (sent to PMI candidates) they will potential criminal investigations (I can copy it here).

Any comments are appreciated.
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Where did you see your rating? PMI sent you your result?

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