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Doesn't seem right to me, either. I would reference the Resource Management Plan as that includes the "recognition plan" on how and when rewards would be given to team members. The inputs to this are correct for answer A. The Project Charter, the Project Management PLan, Estimation Databases (EFFs), and PMO templates (OPAs).
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I am a little confused about a Sample Questions In the email 5/26/2020 title "The 7 Questions Every PMP® Student Asks Their Coach".
PMP Exam Sample Question
You want to recognize the contributions of some of the high-performing team members so far in the project. Which of the following do you need to guide you through this process?
A. The charter, the project management plan, estimation databases, and PMO templates
B. Government standards, assumption log, schedule management plan, and the milestone list
C. The resource breakdown structure, the lessons learned register, and scheduling methodology
D. The project scope statement, the risk register, and the project team assignments
HINT: You are performing the Plan Schedule Management process. Look for the inputs to this process.

I read the question as you want to reward the high-performing team members for work already done on the project, but the clue says you are in Plan Schedule Management.
I seem to remember a similar question on one of the sample tests that said you should reference the Resource Management Plan for info on rewarding team members.

I am not clear why this is the Planning process with the correct answer being "A".
What am I misreading?

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