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TOPIC: Preparation tips needed

Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21102

  • Geeta
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Hi Experts,

I plan to give my exam in June and read RMC 3 times and PMBOK 2 times. I gave my exams and wasn't scoring too well on some of them so started reading PMBOK again..my scores are about 70% but in 2 exams in got around 60%, so bit concerned. I got Andy Crowe as well but don't want to read it so just doing its questions. Spending about 4-5 hours everyday with 2 kids. Please suggest some tips. Thank you so much!

Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21147

  • Harry Elston
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In many ways, preparing for the PMP exam is like preparing for any other academic exam, except you have an abundance of preparation material available to you. My personal "lessons learned" while preparing for the exam is located on the boards here: www.project-management-prepcast.com/kune...t-multiple-resources

60% - 70% on the simulator exams probably will not garner a "pass" on the PMI exam. I would recommend doing a lot of quizzes in areas that you are most weak instead of taking full on 4-hour exams. If you find yourself weak in more than 1 or 2 areas, you might want to consider putting off your exam a little longer.

Best of luck!

Harry J. Elston, Ph.D., CIH, PMP
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Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21149

  • Omer Qureshi
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I agree with Harry. Do lot of quizzes to develop understanding of PMP. Then focus on week areas , try to get above target on them & then go for full length exam
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Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21150

  • Lisa Sweeney PMP
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Hi Geeta,

I was in the same boat as you. I have 4 children and found it difficult at times to study and take simulated exams. I scored in the 60’s, then 70’s, then finally got an 80 on the simulated tests.

I took 8 full simulated exams through the PMP Exam Simulator and 1 Andy Crowe exam. I found Crowe’s test frustrating and unhelpful due to the wording of the questions and the lack of explanation in the answers. Stick to the PMP Exam Simulator: Cornelius and team consistently used PMBOK-specific language and concepts and exceeded in explaining EACH answer in depth (A, B, C, and D) and why it was right or wrong, in addition to a general paragraph about the question.

#1 TIP: This was critical to me passing the exam: On my 1st pass through the simulated and real exams, I automatically skipped all questions that were more than 2 sentences or had calculations. This made a huge difference in my test score because of PMI’s inclusion of “experimental questions” — 25 long, vague ones that are not counted in your score. It’s best to practice this, however, because on THE day, you may get swept up in reading all questions in order on the 1st pass. On the 2nd pass through the tests, I tackled the 3+ sentence and calculation questions. I banked on the probability that the unscored, “experimental questions” were in this 2nd group of longer questions. If they were particularly ambiguous or lengthy, I skipped them again.

TIP: Practice Brain Dumps. Do a brain dump at the beginning of each simulated test while the exam clock is running. Mine included the Process Group/Knowledge Area Table plus 22 formulas. It took me 15 minutes.

TIP: Make Flashcards. When a concept was new on the tests or when I missed a question, I made a flashcard. Made 300 in all.

TIP: Differentiate the answers. When I got stuck, I moved my focus to the 4 answer choices. I described them in my head and tried to differentiate them. What’s the point of the Communications Management Plan vs. Resources Management Plan vs. Risk Register?

TIP: Nail down what is being asked. It’s hard in many cases. Everyday words were used on my real exam in place of PMBOK terms, like implementing work vs. the Executing Process Group. In some questions, I wasn’t supposed to address a problem. Rather, they wanted to know the best way to illustrate it after-the-fact to my team vs. to a vendor vs. to a sponsor.

Geeta: If you only have a couple of weeks before your exam, I would concentrate on answering as many questions in the simulator as you can between now and then and concentrate on reviewing your incorrect answers at the very least.

Here’s some advice from Cornelius . . .

“My recommendation for you at this point is the one that has helped most students who are getting close to the actual exam date: Focus your energy mostly on answering sample questions. Do as many "full" exams as you possibly can. And for each answer that you have incorrect you should open up the books to review why you had it wrong and learn from the mistake. So invest 4 hours into taking the exam and then another 4 hours into reviewing the incorrect answers, before moving on to the next exam.”

“Look at all the general explanations for the questions and pay particular attention to those that you got wrong. We now have 'per choice explanations' which tell you exactly why each of the four answer choices is / is not correct. In that way, you can learn from your mistakes and take another step forward.”

I wish you the best, Geeta! We’re rooting for you!
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Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21153

  • Geeta Saini
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Thanks Harry for your tips. I have given 2 full exams and got 73% and 78%. But i think i need to study more. I have made a lot of notes and studying them on side. My aim is to get atleast 85% in other exams. Thanks for your notes. I will go through it.

Do you think prepcast was are enough or I should also consider other exams?


Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21154

  • Geeta Saini
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Thanks for so much Lisa..this is of great help.
I love studying but my one year old and 6 year old won't let me study during the the day so I got early mornings and late nights only. I try to give atleast 4-6 hrs each day. For exam I start at 4am to finish by 8 am. I scored 73 and 78 since now but in practice ones I scored 60-70% as i wrote earlier.
I agree with you on reviewing incorrect responses. Yes it helps a lot and I am making lots of notes. Plan to study them every other day. Going through PMBOK again in through and will go through RMC quickly in next couple of weeks.

Oh wow! How much I agree with you on Andy Crowe..everyone says it's the best book. But I find it wordy and questions frustrating..so I left it. I got Q&A for PMBOK as well so have those 277 ques to help prepare me.

I will study more on my weak areas and especially concentrate on PMBOK. My exam is on Jun 18 so keeping fingers crossed!!

Thanks again and I will keep you posted!!


Preparation tips needed 3 years 4 months ago #21185

  • CP
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Hi There,

I am planning to give exam in 2 weeks from now . I had a question if the Agile Practice Guide which is part of PMBOK 6 book is there in the syllabus of PMP exam?

Kind Regards,

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  • Linda De Boer
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G'day CP,
I found that for the CAPM, it was in the handbook, not the actual Standards. So I checked and I hope one of these links on the www.pmi.org website helps.

They can also be found by searching on the pmi.org site by, for example, using “PMI-ACP Exam Prep”.

For the PMI-PMP:

Links for the PMI-ACP Exam:

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