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Omer Qureshi

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Thanks Harry
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Omer Qureshi

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Thanks Alot for the Advice
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Harry Elston

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Many of the 49 processes have overlapping ITTOs associated with them. I understood those as a group and focused on unique OUTPUTS of each process as a learning objective and it worked for me. There are very few, if any direct "name the ITTO for ____" question - I cannot recall any on my exam that required an ITTO answer specifically.

Hope that helps,

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I had very few direct questions on this. The struggle I have with most study books is they say not to memorize these and then they test you on aspects that force a student to think they need to memorize things. I recommend going to You tube and listening to Aileen Ellis video on how to memorize the outputs, which is really a video you play each day on key outputs only till you recall just those . For inputs, and tools, just remember key ones and how they are used . Use her video as the guideline for focusing on key items for tools and inputs, Key ones are things that are core and not generic. Anything that is very generic, is not that important in my opinion. Example : organization process assets: just know what it is but do I really need to know every process it appears in? And do I really need to remember every project document that is an input or updated ? Not really. And always know why and how it helps . What is the reason we use it ? How does it help this process ? Aileen Ellis video will give you an idea of what I mean and if you run across questions where they ask specifically for you to recall which process document is updated, take a guess but don’t run and memorize them because you got it wrong. I know I am repeating myself but do not spend hours, just focus on very key non generic ones and why this process uses it and for generic ones, just understand the concept and logic of what they are Overall . Gl!!!
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Omer Qureshi

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For ITTO’s what should be the strategy to digest all that information? How to prepare?

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