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5 months 8 hours ago #20814

Francois Carstens

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Thanks Lisa
I have made my choice already but this was use full and in line with my thoughts.
5 months 22 hours ago #20809

Lisa Sweeney PMP

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Hi Francois,

Here are a few suggestions for you . . .

1) What concerns did PMI have about your application? Answering each concern might lead you to the best solution.

2) PM PrepCast and PMI have good articles that may help in your decision-making:
CAPM® vs PMP®: The Differences You Need To Know
Types of PMI® Certifications and Which One is Right for You?
Certification Types

CAPM certification is targeted toward anyone looking to acquire or improve project management skills. The exam is less rigorous with fewer questions, requires less experience, and is cheaper than the PMP. The CAPM certification demonstrates knowledge of PMI’s project management principles and processes, which benefits candidates applying for jobs against those without any certification. To maintain your CAPM, you must retake the exam every five years.

On the other hand, the PMP certification is the most significant, industry-recognized credential for project managers worldwide. Some employers require PMP certification when hiring project managers, as PMPs have exhibited the knowledge and skills necessary to lead complex projects and direct project teams. The PMP exam is appropriate for more established professionals with significant project management experience, and is therefore more challenging to achieve. To maintain your PMP credential, you must earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) or hours of learning, teaching others, or volunteering every 3 years as a way to measure your ongoing professional development.

I think you are the best one to answer if it's worth pursuing the PMP certification. I suggest:
• Answering the concerns from PMI on your application
• Reading through the articles linked above
• If you are at a loss as to what to pursue after doing those action items, reply back to this forum thread and we will continue to guide you.

I wish you the best, Francois! Stay safe and well.
5 months 1 week ago #20713

Francois Carstens

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I recently purchased the PMP PrepCast and have to congratulate PrepCast on a good product. I enjoyed following it and did not fall asleep.
I have filled in my PMP application on the PMI website and have hit a slight snag. The application is not unsuccessful but they have come back with a few concerns to address.
Just a quick background. I’m stuck in an hotel and due to Covid-19 unable to fly offshore to work and unable to fly home. Therefore thought its the perfect opportunity not to sit idle and do something I’ve wanted to do for a while, which is expand my Project Management knowledge.
I do however understand some of the concerns and think if I make the necessary adjustments it should be no problem. But it did get me thinking further. Do I really need the PMP at this stage. I don't need PMP or CAPM for my job as its a highly specialised field and we more or less follow a natural progression up the ladder. But no doubt the CAPM/PMP would be beneficial. But if it's not an actual requirement then an easier exam and a longer revalidation period may not be such a bad idea. Now I did originally commit for the PMP and is 50% there in study and confidence to pass the exam.
I work in the Oil and Gas Projects Environment since 2001 (hundreds of millions$ and even billion$ + budgets). These are hugely complicated and long project with projects with in projects and phases as big as projects. For me to claim I have worked over the full lifespan of these project would be untrue for most of them and my title has never been that of Project Manager except once. Although I'm part of the PMT I am mostly part of a specific Vessel Management Team (VMT). I've been in this kind of project management environment since 2001 and in relatively senior management positions since 2007 ( Superintendent, Offshore Project Manager, Dive Lead, Technical Lead, Vessel Lead). My field of expertise related to commercial diving and subsea construction. This is an highly specialised field. We are the SME's who run this project or phase usually within a bigger project. Because it's such a specialist field we steer this project or phase fully through the IN to Cl but still we are not called the PM and still report to either, or both the PM and Function Managers and even PMO occasionally. It's usually a highly predictive project environment and the budget so big I'm not directly involved in managing the budget.
So PMP vs CAPM ? Is it worth doing PMP in my case.
Any thoughts or words of wisdom is welcome and has anyone switched applications midway before.

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