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TOPIC: Need help on this question

Need help on this question 7 years 4 months ago #942

  • rupalli thacker
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I came across this question on another forum, and it is not from Cornelius' material. However, I would like to a) know what the forum thinks the right answer to be
b) Cornelius' view if possible about such type of questions, and hopefully the correct answer as well. Here goes..Any help is appreciated.

Rebecca is managing a Beach Resort project. The project has an imposed deadline and hence the schedule is very aggressive. Some cyclones are expected to hit the area where Rebecca and her team are working and that may delay one of their major milestones. They will get 3 to 4 days of warning if the cyclone is going to arrive. In that case, Rebecca has planned to move her team out to a safer place and do interior design plans that are actually scheduled one month later. This way, they may still be able to meet the milestone. What can Rebecca’s Risk Response Plan be termed as?
a. Contingent Response Strategy.
b. Avoiding.
c. Mitigating.
d. Transfer

Source says correct answer is a! Have to admit, i first thought a and then thought C. Not sure.

Re:Need help on this question 7 years 4 months ago #950

  • Cornelius Fichtner
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First of all, I think that this question is badly formulated. Some of the terms that it uses may be used in ways that I would not use them. However, this is something that you may encounter on the "real" PMP exam as well. The real questions are written by volunteers from all over the world and so you may end up with "interesting" words and word usage that you may not necessarily agree with. Or you may come across terms that you have never heard before.

But even so the question is clear: "What do we call the action that Rebecca has chosen?"

The action that Rebecca has chosen is to move her team out of the danger zone where the cyclones are active and during this time they are going to work on other activities.

In other words: This action will only come into play, if a certain action occurs on her project. And this is the PMBOK Guide definition of the Contingent Response Strategy. Therefore Answer A is correct.

Answer B cannot be correct, because if your project is a beach resort where you have cylones there is no way that you can avoid the cyclones. You are there. The cyclones are there. There's no avoiding them.

Answer C is impossible because you cannot reduce the probability of a cyclone.

And it cannot be answer D because Rebecca's chosen action does not try to transfer the risk of the cyclone's impact to someone else. (i.e. buy insurance).
Until Next Time,
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM
President, OSP International LLC

Re:Need help on this question 7 years 4 months ago #960

  • rupalli thacker
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Thank you, Cornelius. Help is much appreciated.

p.s- I got the Formulae course the other day, and must say that the Formula email course is extremely helpful.

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