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Saleh Alsalamah

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Thank a lot Mr.Harry You really Really Motivated me to counting.
11 months 3 weeks ago #19816

Harry Elston

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Fear not!

What you have is "Professional Project Management Experience." This is experience in the field. What you are lacking, and what can be learned is, "The PMBOK method of project management" That can be taught and learned for the exam. Remember, the PMP exam is not an exam on how YOU (personally) do project management. It is an exam over how to perform project management within the framework of an ANSI standard - the Project Management Body of Knowledge). All of the answers will be, essentially the PMI way of doing business; not yours personally.

Your application will be judged on hours of project management experience. It will NOT be judged on "how" or what methods you used for project management.

My experience was this: About an hour into studying for the exam via the PMBOK and the PM Prepcast, I found myself looking back at "failed" projects and saying, "You know, if I would have done any two of the steps, the project would been a much larger success.

Likewise, you will find yourself doing very, very poorly at the beginning of your studies and preparatory exams. First you will need to learn the PMI vocabulary and keep applying yourself over and over again until you really understand the scenarios and questions. For me, I studied about 10 weeks and passed the exam on the first attempt with 5xAT. My personal study method is in the Exam Lessons Learned section - look around October 2, 2019 or so.

Good luck!

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Saleh Alsalamah

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I am a network engineer with more than 6 Years Experience, I have handled a lot of project but without using pmp methodologies. I have also Joined a pmp training, now I am reading the Rita book but after reviewing the exam questions I am feeling like I am not reedy to PASS the exam due to lack of PM experience, what is your advise for me?

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