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It takes very long to review such a long test. What I used to do is to review wrong answers and specifically see why the answer I selected is not correct and why the answer I not selected is the right one.

Also, here is something new and helpful thing I found which you can do only during Mock exam. When I used to solve Mock exam, when I come across something I don't understand I used to write it down on piece of paper to study after exam. This could be anything as small topic as a definition of what is Context diagram or what is as risk audit or when exactly to conduct kick-off meeting. It could be broad topic too. After each exam, I ended up having 8-10 items which could take just few minutes to review. What happens is that when we are in exam mode, we only think about questions one by one and if we select correct answer by guessing, that may not come into your review and you will have that knowledge gap undetected.
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Bravura Student

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I would recommend marking the questions you are not sure about (and leave them marked when you submit your exam). When you are reviewing your results, review the questions you got wrong as well as any you may have guessed at and got right. I hope that makes sense.
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Neeraj Vasudeva

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Thanks a lot for the response, appreciate it.

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Harry Elston

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The answer will depend on your own personal learning style. However, for the incorrectly answered questions it is most important to understand why you missed the answer, not just what the right answer is.

My experience is that the exam simulator is spot on for the kind of wording you will find on the actual PMI exam. The exam's purpose is to test your understanding of the material, not your necessarily your knowledge of it. There are a lot of "situational" questions on the exam that do this as the wrong answers (called "plausible detractors" in the testing world) are often correct answers for other processes or for a similar, but slightly different situation. So, from that perspective, it is vital that you thoroughly read the questions and understand what it is asking for.

Good luck,

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Neeraj Vasudeva

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I plan to do 5 mock test before my upcoming 10th feb 2020 PMP exam.
Would you recommend that after completing the individual PM-Simulator mock test, I should review all 200 questions or just the ones which were wrong?

The reason why i ask that question is if i should review all the question then it's like 6-8 hours per mock test ( 4 hour for actual exam and then 2-4 hours for review).

Which one would you recommend?


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