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5 months 2 weeks ago #19648

Joe Pang

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Hello Jaydip,

The key to choosing the correct answer is looking for the best answer. If I understand correctly, you want to know whether choice A or B would be the best answer.

Most of the time, the project sponsor should have a good understanding of what key project deliverables are, and naturally we as PMs will approach the sponsor as it is the most direct way. However, the project sponsor may not know every single detail of the project, especially for large and mega projects. Therefore, the best way to find out every project deliverables would be consulting with all the key stakeholders. (The same explanation could be used to explain why D is not the best answer as well).

Hope this helps,
5 months 3 weeks ago #19613

Jaydip Chakrabarti

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One of the EXAM SIMULATOR question :

To develop a charter for the project that you have been assigned to lead, you have reviewed the business document and studied the agreements, You lack the information about the key projects deliverables which should be included in the charter.

A. Facilitate a meeting with the key stakeholders
B. Ask the project sponsor for their advice
C. Review the project scope statement
D. Talk to the end users of the project

Correct Answer : A

Question : Project Charter lists key stakeholders. The PM assigned to lead the project has not yet been authorized because the Charter is not yet developed/approved. The PM may or may not know the list of key stakeholders unless he has been told. In this scenario, will it not be appropriate for the PM to obtain clarification from the project sponsor ( option B ) directly rather finding out list of key stakeholders and then meeting them ( if he knows already ) causing more delays ?

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