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1 year 2 months ago #19355

Double A

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I'm talking about a single source/document that will show all the common PMP diagrams/charts. Just to name a few: Gannt Chart, PERT Chart, Pareto, Network Diagrams, Scattered Diagram, Stakeholder Power/Influence, Milestone Chart, Histogram and the list goes on.

It would be very nice to have all of those common charts/diagrams on one single document with an explanation with visual representation of each one on the PrepCast web page so students could simply review it each day like they do with PMP related formulas. It would save a great amount of time having to fish for each of them individually through the Prep Cast video lessons and through search engines.
1 year 2 months ago #19354

Cornelius Fichtner

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Official statement from PMI:

"Exam candidates should be aware that the Project Management Professional (PMP)® examination is not written according to any single text or singularly supported by any particular reference. PMI does not endorse specific review courses, resources, references or other materials for certification preparation."

That much said, would you please show us one of the diagrams you are referring to?
1 year 2 months ago #19353

Double A

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Good Morning,

I am able to locate charts and diagrams related to the PMP exam scattered across the web. Some websites have 5 diagrams, some have 9 diagrams (that don't include all the diagrams from the site with 5 diagrams). My question is, does anyone know of a single source that shows every single chart/diagram related to the PMP exam along with their description and application? Is there a link on the Prepcast site maybe?

I saw on a flash card website 15 flashcards, each describing a chart or diagram but I have yet to see a visual representation of 15 charts/diagrams from a single source or document. Thank you very much for your time.

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