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Don’t be. I took my exam today-first time - passed with target for m&c and above target on everything else. I took boot camp earlier this month and just used the book that TIA provided and a couple of PMP apps. I went into the class very green.. I did download PMBOK but didn’t go through it at all. My mock exam from TIA were 75 and 85- two different exams. Oliver Lehmann mock exam I got 65- so with your results I think you are ready.
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Tyler Wood

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Thank you Tracy for your response. I really appreciate it. The key now is to keep it fresh so that I don't forget all the information over the next 3 weeks.

Thank you again and I will let you all know how it goes.
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Tracy Shagnea, PMP

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Your scores are definitely in the range that is generally considered "good to go" for the exam.

Scores from a boot camp class may not be comparable - I'm not sure I'd put much credence in equating that to your results.

I'm impressed that you read the PMBOK. I never did that, I only used it as a reference for when I had a specific question. Instead, I used the Rita book as a supplement to the PrepCast and the exam simulator.

But it seems that you've prepared well at this point, given your results. It feels silly for me to say, "Don't be nervous!" because, obviously, it's NORMAL to be nervous. But, were I you, I'd go ahead and take the test.

Best of luck to you!
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Not that this will change your study strategy, but the date the exam will be changing has been moved to 7/1/20.
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Tyler Wood

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I have been studying for the PMP since late July. My exam date is November 16th (1 month prior to the date the exam changes, like Cornelius recommended, obviously I scheduled it prior to the date change). I have solely relied on the PM Prepcast and reading the PMBOK to study. I have watched all the videos and taking 5 practice exams. Each exam has taken me roughly 3 hours each time, and I treat each exam like it is the real deal, no repeat attempts and all questions were unique and new to me. Those scores are,

Exam 1: 84%
Exam 2: 76%
Exam 3: 86%
Exam 4: 89%
Exam 5: 86%

I believe I am ready, but in talking to a few other individuals who have taken and failed the exam, I am getting nervous. They mentioned that they enrolled in a Boot Camp and consistently scored 80% or higher on the practice exams they took. But they failed twice.

Am I ready based on the exam simulator scores? From reading reviews of the exam simulator, it seems similar to the real exam, but other websites I have visited have very different question styles with throw me for a loop. I plan to take an exam every weekend prior to the real exam (I have 3 left) and review areas where I am not doing well.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions.

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