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Thank you for this answer.
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Lisa Sweeney PMP

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Hi Emre,

A Prompt List is checklist with a category of risk. This tool is a simple series of broad risks, such as Environmental or Legal, rather than specific risks, like flooding or regulatory changes. The idea is to push (prompt) you to think and brainstorm of risks in groups and eventually prioritize them. The PMBOK 6th edition has a definition on p. 416 and example on p. 406 (RBS Level 1 column is a Prompt List). A Prompt List helps in Risk Categorization . . .

Risk Categorization, on the other hand, is a technique used to manage and analyze risks (particularly in large numbers), observe trends, and show where the biggest risk exposure is. Risk categories are defined in the Risk Management Plan.

Risks can be grouped by:
  • Source––referenced in the Risk Breakdown Structure (p. 406 of the PMBOK 6th edition)
  • Area affected––using the Work Breakdown Structure (pp. 158–160 of the PMBOK 6th edition)
  • Phase––showing what phase will be most exposed by the biggest risks
  • Root Cause––leading to effective responses
I see from another post you already passed your PMP! Great work!!
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Hello Everyone;
First question in here.
What is the difference between "Prompt list" and "Risk Categorization" ?

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