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9 months 3 weeks ago #18472

Steven McNeill

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Hello - just wanted to further update on this (hence the change in subject) :) Had my 2nd attempt at the exam today & delighted to say I passed. Had 4/5 process group on or above target with Execution coming in below.

After my failed first attempt, I re-read the PMBOK guide again & also Rita's book. Also purchased another simulator as a comparison to PM Prepcast but I found it wasnt anywhere near the standard of the Prepcast material for answers & explanations so thanks to Cornelious & the PM Prepcast team for the material throughout my studies.

For any new PMP aspirant I would just re-iterate the other posts & just ensure you read then re-read the PMBOK Guide. Rita's guide also helped with some little bits for the exams and the simulator helped with preparation of the exam questions.
10 months 2 weeks ago #18274

Steven McNeill

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Hi Joe,

Thank you for the feedback. I think it was just a slightly different question style that threw me for all topics and throughout my tests on Exam Sims Planning always seemed to be that bit behind of the others so that is definitely one area I need to vastly improve upon.

I downloaded the Rita 9th edition PDF so will start to go through that along with revising over the PMBOK guide again which should also help. Thanks again for the recommendations, will continue to work on the PM Prepcast Exams along with possibly 1 other.

10 months 2 weeks ago #18272

Joe Pang

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Hello Steven,

Sorry to hear that the exam did not go so well for you. May I ask what was the biggest challenge with the exam's questions on the planning domain? Was it the question style? If so I suggest doing more mock exam from other sources, so that you can familiarize yourself with various question styles.

Also, do focus on the "golden triangle" (Initiating, Executing, Closing domains) as well. They account for almost 50% of the total score, and not to mention very straight forward in my opinion. Please review the PMBOK once again on these areas.

Last but not least, if you have only read the PMBOK once. You will find incredible value if you revisit it the second time. Also grab additional reading material (ie. Rita) to reinforce your learning.

10 months 3 weeks ago #18268

Steven McNeill

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First time poster on here. Was looking for a bit of advice if possible as a bit annoyed on being so close to the pass mark :) As per the title I sat PMP exam for the first time today & received below results;

Initiating: Target
Planning: Needs Improvement
Executing: Target
M&C: Above Target
Closing: Target

For my studying I did the 35 hours via the PM Prepcast modules, worked through the PMBOK Guide & sat all 7 mock exams using the Prepcast Exam Simulator with results ranging from 65-75%. I did find a lot of the questions on the exam differed somewhat to the Exam Sim.

I have just re-booked my 2nd attempt for the 11th Sept as I feel that better to keep going just now after being so close. Im really looking for any advice on what I can do to increase my knowledge so that I will have better luck next time i.e. are there any other material you think is worthwhile to go over or any other Exam Sims I can work through.

Thanks for help in advance.

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