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Donald Terry

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Hi Archana,

It is important to remember that many of the questions that you will likely encounter on the real exam will not require you to know the project management process underway in order to answer the question correctly. For those questions that require knowledge of the process, there should be some indication provided in the question. There are a couple of ways that you may be able to derive the correct process.

First, the question may paraphrase the definition of the process, so you will need to have a clear understanding of process definitions. For example, the question might state something like, "You are in the process of drafting an email communication to be shared with key stakeholders." If you are familiar with the process definitions, you should be able to identify this example as being taken from the perspective of the Manage Communications process.

Second, the question may refer to some of the ITTOs, which may direct you to a particular process. For example, the question might state, "You have just produced work performance information related to the status of your stakeholder's engagement." Work performance information is only produced as an output of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group, so this example would be taken from the perspective of the Monitor Stakeholder Engagement process.

The bottom line is that you should be familiar with the definitions of the processes along with their associated ITTOs. The questions may describe the process underway, provide information regarding ITTOs, or use some combination of both to lead you to the correct project management process. Note that this does not mean you have to memorize the definitions and ITTOs for each process. It might be helpful to memorize all of this information, but most PMP aspirants do not go to that extreme. However, you should know things like work performance data is produced out of executing processes and work performance information is only produced as part of controlling processes, etc.
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I am unable to identify questions in these KA ,often confused.
1)Can you please give an example to differentiate between Manage stakeholders vs Monitor stakeholders.

2)Can you please give an example to differentiate between Manage communications vs Monitor communications.

I know that communications and stakeholders go as hand in glove.


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