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Hi Donald,

Sorry it was my first time posting and I was unaware of the forum policy. The source is one of the mock exams I got vía Simplilearn.

Thank you for your answer. Highly appreciate it and makes total sense.

Thank you!
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Donald Terry, PMP, PMI-ACP

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Hi Stav,

First, please post the source for this practice question, per forum policy.

The PMI definitions for the conflict resolution techniques are provided on page 349 of the PMBOK® Guide. Based on those definitions, I would be hard-pressed to choose between "forcing" and "withdrawing" as the correct answer for either of the questions. Parsing the verbiage of the question, I think they are differentiating the fact that "withdrawing" provides no immediate resolution, whereas "forcing" provides an immediate resolution but might be at the expense of an enduring solution.

Having said that, I think that if you have a thorough understanding of the definitions provided in the PMBOK® Guide, then you will very likely be successful with any related questions on the real exam.
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The following questions appeared on a mock exam, similar questions, different answers. Anyone has any insights?

Henry, a project manager, utilizes different conflict resolution techniques to resolve conflicts in his project. He created an open environment so that his team members feel free to discuss their concerns and issues. He is also focused on resolving issues rather than fixing the personalities of his team members, and he pays more attention to the present than the past. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will lead to the least sustaining positive result?

Withdrawing or avoiding
Confronting or problem-solving

Correct Option: A

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is believed to generate the FEWEST enduring positive results?

Problem Solving

Correct Option: D

# first of all- I can’t see the difference. Sustain is to keep up, keep going. Endure is to last. As I understand it, they’re asking which conflict approach will have the least lasting positive result. Am I understanding it wrong?
# second- how is avoiding the least supportive of a positive result? It provides no solution FOR NOW, but that’s a legitimate decision isn’t it? Why is it less supportive of a positive result that forcing?
Anyone that can please help?

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