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3 years 2 months ago #17646

Daniel Kokkos

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Thanks Joe. So what you are basically saying is to submit the change request first in most cases. I think I am in that boat as well, but I don't want to get stumped when I get a question on this during the exam. Rita states Evaluate the impact, identify options, get the change request approved, get customer buy in. This is high level.
3 years 2 months ago #17631

Joe Pang

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Hi Daniel,

Let's use an example, see if this will make you understand better.

In a software project, a change request is submitted to have a new function added.
1. PM records it in the change log
2. PM reviews the change request, evaluates the impact of the change
3. PM then identifies options (ex. look at alternatives/workarounds)
4. PM gets the change request approved internally (ex. Through CCB)
5. Get customer buy-in (if required)
6. Updates change log

Source: Rita v9 Pg 161 + some of my interpretations.
3 years 2 months ago #17605

Daniel Kokkos

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Hello Prepcast,

In the Prepcast questions the questions on Change Requests have me trying to understand the steps in a change request. It shows that it is important to document the change request as having a record of it first. In a recent Dan Ryan webinar we saw a question that there was a change request but it required an evaluation/analysis first. SO Which is it? Or does it depend. I know analysis is important but also documenting and getting a written formal record is also important. Could anyone provide an overview of how to process a change request. Does it depend on the person submitting it? If it was submitted already by another stakeholder, what would you do? Change log? Eval?

I know this is VERY important to understand for the test and I am sure it has been posted here prior but I couldn't find it.

EX - Document change request, record change log, analysis, etc.

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