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1 year 6 months ago #16773

Hamid Tavangar

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Thank you Ty,

The reason I am asking is that in the PMP manual stating "Leading and Direction projects" which maybe refer to being a project manager rather than a project team member or have a key role in some aspects of the project.
My friend applied with "Design Engineer" title as he had experience in most process groups at that time and he was ok in his process.
In my current job, I am dealing with estimation, cost, schedule, sending RFI, RFP, meeting with stakeholders and I am covering a vast area of project management aspects, but my current title is not a "Project Manager". I want to make sure it will be ok with different job title.
Thank you,
1 year 6 months ago #16769

Ty Weston, PMP

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Try not to focus on job titles as they are just labels; its the action.
If you read the current PMI PMP Handbook, it talks about the experience in leading all or aspects of a project. If you meet the criteria of an actual project and had a hand in it, while making sure you cover all the required processes of project management, you would more than likely be ok.
Just remember, its not the labels, its the participation and proof of that participation.
1 year 6 months ago #16766

Hamid Tavangar

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Hello Everyone,

I still do not sure which job titles and duty description will be accepted. If somebody worked as a project engineer, project coordinator, estimator, or planner
(who plays a key role in direct and manage one aspect of the project) can he or she count on the number of hours for applying? or the only job title
accepted with them is "project manager" and those hours of experience are the only accountable?

Thank You,

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