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Just like with the exam simulator, the real exam has some very short questions and some very long questions. You have the ability to cross out answers that you know are incorrect. Also, the real exam allows you to highlight key words or phrases in the question that you feel are important.

Here is how I tackled the long questions:
1) Read the answers first so that you know what the question is aiming for
2) Read the final question.
3) Read the long paragraph. Highlight key words or phrases throughout the initial reading.
4) If the correct question isn't immediately apparent, read back through the highlighted phrases, the actual question, and answers.

Keep in mind, you may be able to cross out some answers immediately, without even reading the paragraph. For example, if the question asks "what tool or technique..." and one of the answers is a process, I would cross it out immediately. I felt this, combined with focusing only on the phrases that I highlighted, would narrow down how much I had to think about and would significantly reduce the amount of time needed to think about a question.

Also, and highlights or crossed off answers will remain marked up if you return to the question later. So if you're struggling with a question, I'd suggest taking a best guess and marking it to return to later. The reason I say to take a best guess is that if you run out of time, you may not be able to return. A best guess has at least a 25% chance of being correct. A non-response is a 100% chance of being wrong.

Good luck!
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Deepak G

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I totally agree on difficulty level PM PrepCast is really good. Just checking on the length of questions as my overall performance will impact if questions are lengthy as I am average reader
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Cheng-yi (Andrew) Shih

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Hi Deepak,

PM Prepcast actually have a really good free mock exam simulator:
It only has 120 questions so falls short of the real 200 exam questions, but it's close to the difficulties of the real exam. While it's not a guarantee, you should have no problem passing the real exam if you can score about 75% or higher. The most challenging question on the exam and most candidates find difficult to answer is likely what comes first/next questions.
I do have a collection of sites that offer free exam questions on my blog:

Good Luck,
1 year 3 weeks ago #15677

Deepak G

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Can anyone provide an input on difficulty level the PMP exam simulator has vs real exam.

I know PMP exam simulator is very good for practice but just want to understand from difficulty level point of view.

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