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Requirement is a desired NEED for something to be achieved .
Scope is something which fulfills desired REQUIREMENT or NEED through various actions.
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Neeraj Vasudeva

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An example of Requirement and scope would be ..

Requirement: I have a req. to go to airport, so i need a car and i need driver who can speak English... so effectively car is my requirement
Scope: It's related to product specification. While requirement states i need a car, scope define the attributes of car, like i want a car which has xyz features and a specific variant of car and it should be clean and have A/C in it.

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I've always looked at it from the following perspective
Scope - What are you looking to accomplish what is the over all capability of the project and what end result do you wish to achieve?
Requirements - What tangible items or physical resources are needed to accomplish this task?
One is really more logical compared to the other which is more physical in nature.
4 years 7 months ago #15465

Kathy Castle

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Scope is divided into two categories:

Product Scope ,is the features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result, and;

Project Scope , is all the work needed to deliver a product, service, or result as defined in product scope.

Requirements specifies the capabilities, features or attributes of the project’s deliverables. Stakeholder needs, wants and wishes are analyzed to derive the requirements. Requirements are prioritized to determine which requirements will be included and excluded from the project.
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Daniel Dewart

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- Requirements are a collection of items, or capabilities that the customer needs in the final deliverables.
- Project Scope defines the boundaries of the project. It describes the activities and tasks that need to be done in order to fulfill the requirements and outlines in detail what is and is not included in the project.

Hope this helps!


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Vaishali Gor

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Hi Team,

I have tried to understand the difference between two but haven't got an answer in non technical terms.
According to me,
Scope is defined at higher level and requirement is defined at granular level for project activities and product/services details
Scope defines boundaries(whats in and whats out of project activities and product details) and requirement define features, functionalities that product is expected to deliver or service.
Requirement includes technical details of product /service and project activities whereas scope includes general statements related to product /service and project activities

i know components from PMBOK but i want to understand conceptually.

Thank you

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