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11 years 1 week ago #737

Praveen Kumar

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Hi Cornelius,

Apologies for disturbing you on vacations but just to answer your question, I receive 15 sample questions from you everyday. I like the questions very much and i have studied your prepcast very very carefully but this question somehow is like a bee in the bonnet. if you get a chance, please shed some light on it.

Praveen kumar
11 years 1 week ago #734

Cornelius Fichtner

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I'm currently on vacation in Switzerland, but I don't recall where exactly this questions comes from. Is this part of the PrepCast daily newsletter?

Please tell me where exactly you found it and I'll look into it for you.
11 years 1 week ago #733

's Avatar

I don't have any issues with you not buying into my opinion :)

It's Cornelius' product so we'll have to defer to him.

11 years 1 week ago #732

Praveen Kumar

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There are some variations which is stopping me from buying your conclusion. Sorry about that.
First of all its saying "would give you" rather then "would you give" So your conclusion that PM need to pour in additional amount of time/thought .. kind of sways away.
Secondly Consideration generally means benefits particularly Monetary benefits as i have got from various books. So it sounds to me that whatever saves or gives additional money.benefit.
A detailed reply is hugely appreciated. STILL NOT CLEAR.

Praveen kumar.
11 years 1 week ago #729

's Avatar

"Extra consideration" in this situation I believe refers to an additional amount of time/thought/energy/effort, not money.

11 years 1 week ago #727

Praveen Kumar

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Hi Cornelius,

Must applaud your professionalism for being so prompt with your responses.

Regarding 15 questions which i receive from you every day. Please consider doubts on following question

Which of the following elements of developing HR Plan would give you extra consideration
A) Quality assurance activities
B) Budget control activities
C) Activity resource requirements
D) Risk management activities

My initial hunch was A instead of C which is the correct answer.

If i understand the question properly, it is questioned that which component of HR plan will save you most money .. Right? Please confirm.

Now based on this assumption, i think mending and correcting QA activities will make sure that Project work is done in most correct fashion to reduce cost of non conformance.

Please explain .. am i thinking too much or what :)


Praveen kumar.

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