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Cornelius Fichtner

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Give Podcast Addict a try. The free version is at play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bambuna.podcastaddict and please let me know if that works for you. I just tested it on my Galaxy S7 and it does play the video.

If you could also check and verify that it is indeed Podcast Republic that is giving you audio only then please let me know as well, so that we can remove that from our recommendations.
5 years 5 months ago #13933

Benjamin Clay

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So, one point I left out, but in regards to the exam, I think question 110 in the pre course self assessment touches on this point. Had the manager not sought the truth, the vendor may have unduly lost business.

I understand that matters of philosophical and religious truth are more difficult matters to agree on, but I think there is practical use of that statement in the exam.

But,I won't badger you anymore on this. About the download, I used one of the recommended podcast apps for android (podcast republic) and I don't get any video. Is there a better app for video?
5 years 5 months ago #13928

Cornelius Fichtner

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Good morning Benjamin!

I get your point regarding the truth. However, since this is a somewhat philosophical discussion that has no bearing on whether or not someone passes their PMP exam I will note your comment in the lesson notes so that we can address & improve this next time the lesson is updated. (Not sure if / when PMI will publish an updated code of ethics).

However, your final comment about only being able to download the audio of The PM PrepCast concerns me! The PM PrepCast is delivered as a video podcast only. All lesson files are in the MP4 video format and when you subscribe to the podcast feed on your phone or tablet app these should play as videos.

Can you please tell me if you are using an iPhone or Android and what specific podcast app you are using to download the lessons?
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Benjamin Clay

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I have a comment on video lesson L01:01 Code of Ethics part 2. You mention that you take some issue with the Code of Ethics topic of understanding the truth, because the truth for one person may be different than the truth for someone else. I believe the statement in the code of ethics is actually a practical statement and not very wishy washy, and here is why I think it is important to teach it that way in your program:

The truth is the truth, no matter what anyone says about it. It is something outside of each of us. Where we differ is in our experience and perception of the truth, and that is why what two people would say of it may differ. This distinction is why it is important for project managers to understand this concept because this is why the statement in the code is so important (note that it is the first standard listed). If you are a good manager, and someone says what is true is different from what you think, you should dialogue with them and research the topic more, because you may not have a full understanding of that truth, only part of it. In fact, we all only know part of any truth, the part we experience.

Case in point: you are in a cave in the mountains and you find a rock. It's a neat rock, so you keep it, but you don't really know much about it beyond the fact that its a rock that you found and like. One day, a friend, who happens to know a lot about rocks comments on the geode that you have. You have no clue what they are talking about until they explain that the rock you have is actually a geode and if you break it open, there are crystals inside. What you knew of the rock was only part of the truth, yet you had some understanding of part of the truth of that rock. Someone else knew something more or something different about it.

Sometimes in our projects, we may be inexperienced or biased about some part of our project and will disagree with another person about it. Yet, there is a truth about it that we should seek to understand. The temptation is to agree to disagree and let each person keep their point of view. But the richness in truth and opportunity for growth comes in gaining a better understanding of the truth that is there. If we don't seek to better understand the truth with our team, we have a dis-functional team that will never get past disagreements to become a more effective group.

I'm sorry if this seems like semantics, but that statement of your truth is different from my truth always bothers me. And as project managers, I feel as though it is our job to ensure all parties are after the same truth, even though their perception of it may be different than ours.

P.S. Other than this point, I am enjoying the talks so far (although not to far into them yet!) Very good presentation. The only other comment is that to me, it appeared that the podcast option for downloading the videos would include the video, but it is only the audio. You may want to clarify that in you instructions. Is there a way of downloading the videos all at once with the video,or do I have to do that one video at a time from the website?

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