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1 year 9 months ago #12913

Mohammad Sikder

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Interesting difference you want to differentiate. I think you almost get there. The main point in difference is that what you are going to manage ie what is your objective of the management area. If you would like to manage Project Information, then you are managing "Manage Communications" (according to set communication plan using modes, methods, technologies etc of communications). But if your purpose is to manage stakeholders engagement then you are following process Manage Stakeholder Engagement (meaning gaining their support, reducing their resistance, make aware who is still aware etc). Actually you are managing needs and expectations of the stakeholders by employing Manage Stakeholder Engagement process BY USING MANAGE COMMUNICATIONS. Hence, in this regard Manage Communications is a MEANS to achieve the purpose of Manage Stakeholder Engagement. Thanks for your thought.

Mohammad Sikder
1 year 9 months ago #12896

Jean Doeringsfeld

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I'm a bit confused and am hoping someone can help.

Here's what I think I understand (tell me if I'm wrong): The principle focus of Manage Stakeholder Engagement is to keep the stakeholders engaged and supportive of the project. The principle focus of Manage Communications is to create, collect, and distribute project information to stakeholders and insure that all parties are informed of the project's performance.

So, when you go to inform stakeholders about the changes in a project (using the change log) why is that part of Manage Stakeholder Engagement and not part of Manage Communications? I guess I'm confused about why the change log is communicated to stakeholders in Manage Stakeholder Engagement and not communicated along with the other project information in Manage Communications?

I've read the PMBOK for both of these processes and it was not helpful, so any insight you can provide is appreciated.


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