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Steven Mudrinich, PMP

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In addition to John's advice, I recommend you also take a look at the data flow diagrams for each process. For example, look at the Monitor and Control Project Work data flow diagram on page 86 of the PMBOK Guide. You will see how that specific process is integrated in with numerous other processes, receiving inputs from all of the Control processes and providing outputs to some Manage and Control processes. By examining the data flow diagrams, you can best see how each process influences each other and have a much better shot at determining what the question is asking.

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John Wolverton

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These questions are designed to see how well you know Table 3-1 in the PMBOK Guide and the ITTOs. This work is just remembering and understanding this part of the PMBOK Guide. I used the PM Exam Simulator at www.project-management-prepcast.com/comp...zzes&id=1&Itemid=950 and it has a great ITTO test that I took multiple times. I also used flash cards I made right from the PMBOK Guide for all the ITTOs. Bottomline - Learn to apply the ITTOs in every chapter. I recommend to start with Fig 4-1 pg 65 of the PMBOK. Not an easy task but well worth it.
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I have noticed I am having issues answering questions that describe a process or tool and technique and ask "what do you do next?".

For "What do you next questions" I realize that you should follow the process, for instance if I create the Charter, I should than Identify Stakeholders since these are both initiating processes. However, I get confused with questions like "You have just created your Staffing Management Plan, what do you do next?" Do I continue with the same planning flow and select Plan Communications or would the answer be Acquire Project Team? Why?

Same thing with the Quality questions, "You have just completed the Control Cost Process, what do you do next? Control Quality or Plan Quality Management? Why?

Also in regards to a tool and technique. Perhaps a question will describe a tool and technique and ask what should I do next? Do I select the next tool to perform in the same process group? Or move along to the next process group?

Any help in clarification would be greatly appreciated.


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