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Gigi Lauren

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Hi, my skype name is Gigi Lauren. Please skype me, ive received a few responses, more than enough to begin the group !
6 years 1 week ago #10693

Gigi Lauren

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There are 3 of you! Ill write all three.
6 years 1 week ago #10676


's Avatar

Hi Gigl, tried to look you up on Skype but it turns out there is more than one Gigi Lauren. :) If you want to try looking me up, my Skype name is julescaron. Where are you located? Maybe we can set a time to chat. Looking forward to meeting up. Thanks.
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Gigi Lauren

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Hi Yes! I have been posting to try to find a virtual study partner.. i do not plan to take the test in June, I also have until November. I don't know how to virtual study outside of sending my skype information. I need to devote the same amount of time. Let me know what works best and... here is my skype Gigi Lauren

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Tracy Shagnea, PMP

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Based on my experience, I would say this is possible.

Have you attempted to map out the work using a project scheduling tool or perhaps a spreadsheet? That is how I approached it. In addition to being a familiar way to approach planning/tracking my progress:) it helped calm any worries about being ready on time. After submitting my application to PMI and becoming eligible to sit for the test, I began the process of studying the material in earnest. I began this period in the 2nd week of January and sat for the exam in mid-April (April 18, to be exact). Don't forget to allot time for thorough review of any sample questions in whichever study guide you are using (both answering the questions and reviewing the correct answer, whether or not you answered correctly) as well as time with a good exam simulator (where you take multiple 4-hour sample tests that emulate the real PMP exam).

Best of luck!
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Apologies for (possibly) cross-posting, but I don't see my post where I originally posted it (in the Student forum), so I don't think it went through.

I am trying to work out a realistic study schedule that would allow me to pass the PMP exam by November 16, when my eligibility expires. Between work, family and other commitments, I estimate I will be able to study for two hours a day (four 30-minute sessions) during the week and four one-hour sessions per day on Saturdays and Sundays. Does that sound like enough time to adequately prepare to take the exam in mid-September? My retention rate goes way down if I study for more than 30 minutes to an hour at a time and scheduling it for mid-September would give me a bit of time re-take the exam if I fail.

Also, if anyone is looking for a virtual study partner for a fall test date, please let me know.


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