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3 years 2 weeks ago #8939


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I agree. If the team is not following the approved PM Plan then they just need to do it. No need for a Change Request or corrective action, they just need to do what was planned.
3 years 2 weeks ago #8934

Hazem Ibrahim

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I would like to put my hands at this strange question... the Purpose of developing PMP is to guide and control all the other processes of the project/ product during its life cycle after initiating. one of the PM main roles and responsibilities is to insure the proper implementation of the PMP during the project life cycle (after initiating) and suppose that he has enough power to carry out his duties. in this scenario I think that the answer should contain the following choice
the PM should define the deviation and call the project team for an urgent meeting to strongly advise for complying with the pmp.
3 years 2 weeks ago #8928

Al Sameer Nugumudeen

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Its not from any question bank. I had this doubt and made up this myself.
You can consider it as a followup question generated from 'If there is a defect found in deliverable (control scope) - what should a PM do?"
3 years 2 weeks ago #8927

Mark Wuenscher, PMP

Mark Wuenscher, PMP's Avatar

Al Sameer,

Please post the source of the question. It is very important that we give credit to the original source of the question.


3 years 2 weeks ago #8913

Al Sameer Nugumudeen

Al Sameer Nugumudeen's Avatar

Can some one help with this question.

PM found that some of the process followed in project is not as per described in approved PM plan. What should he do next?
a. Make corrective action and implement
b. Submit change request
c. Update PM plan to match the process
d. contact sponsor

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