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TOPIC: Need Help - Your PMP application requires your attention

Need Help - Your PMP application requires your attention 7 years 1 week ago #8386

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Hi all, very frustrated here and wondering if you could help and/or had similar circumstances!

For the last 3-4 years I have been preparing for the PMP Certification. I acquired all of the hours, purchased PMPrepcast, watched all of the podcasts and took notes, read the PMBOK guide and am ready to take the exam.

I filled out my application online about a month ago and got an email back stating "Your PMP application requires your attention" - They gave some vague reasons so I called and emailed them and asked many questions and they gave me more information on what to include for descriptions. So I rewrote all descriptions with all of the advice/information they gave me and resubmitted. I got another email today with same results - "Your PMP application requires your attention" - this time the reasons were a little different but still I have no idea how to write my descriptions in order for my application to be accepted. I am very frustrated. I don't want to give up, I've been working towards this for many years now and am ready to take the exam!!!

Here is what they wrote:

1. Project Management Experience - The project work experience you documented as projects does not meet our requirements as written; it appears from the deliverables you documented that they are operational and administrative in nature. Using the principles of project management in operational and administrative tasks can be very effective, but does not provide the professional project management experience required for the PMP credential.

2. Project Management Experience - PMI requires that projects be documented individually, regardless of the number of projects a candidate is documenting. We require this so that we may review each project individually and guard against 'work' being documented; further, we require this so that we can ensure candidates led and directed on each project documented.

3. Project Descriptions – The descriptions you provided are still unclear regarding the tasks per process area and the leadership role that you specifically performed. Please provide descriptions with less detail of the project and more focus on your role with the above mentioned standards and tasks in mind.

Here are my project descriptions:

"Project Manager directing 1099 filing for 2015 tax returns for all clients
IN-Developed project charter and stakeholder register
PL-Prepared activity cost estimates, activity duration estimates and risk register
EX-Developed project team, project staff assignments, change log and set up tracking systems and quality assurance and metrics
MC-Measured project schedule, requirements traceability matrix and quality checklists
CL-Determined project success and recognized team member contributions
Resulted in timely filing with the IRS for all clients"

"Project Manager for the transition of the Payroll department in our company headquarters to overseas.
IN-Developed project charter and identified key stakeholders
PL-Collected requirements, defined scope, defined scope baseline
EX-Updated project schedule and communications management plan
MC-Performed quality assurance with work performance information
CL-Assessed project success
Project completed and high praise given by my director as this being the first time in the companies history that we have processed payroll without on-site staff."

"Project Manager to relocate all client post office boxes from Encino, CA to Pico Rivera, CA to proximity of scanning partner.
IN-Developed project charter and identified stakeholders
PL-Defined scope, created WBS, activity list and resource calendars
EX-Managed seller proposals, make-or-buy decisions and organizational process assets
MC-Performed quality control and risk analysis and management plan
CL-Accepted deliverables and procurement documentation
Resulted in successful post office box transfer for large cost savings for stakeholders"

"Project Manager directing 1099 filing for 2014 tax returns for all clients
IN-Worked with stakeholders to begin project charter
PL-Developed requirements documentation, activity list, organizational process assets and resource calendars
EX-Integrated enterprise environmental factors, project staff assignments, change log & project documents
MC-Verified scope with project management plan & validation of deliverables & controlled scope with requirements documentation
CL-Determined project success
Resulted in timely filing with the IRS for all clients"

"Project manager for auditing, redesigning and restructuring the billing process for 50 clients.
IN-Developed project charter
PL-Defined scope, created WBS,
EX-Implemented project scope statement and activity list
MC-Managed the control of deliverables and change requests with updates to project documents, requirements, quality and risk to ensure accurate delivery of billing data
CL-Recognized valuable team members and accepted deliverables
Results were successful as the firm was able to increase receivables and reduce Day Sales Outstanding."

"Management of project to transition the scanning of client documents from the U.S. headquarters to a third party provider.
IN-Developed project statement of work and procured contracts
PL-Implemented scope baseline, resource calendars and vendor bid analysis and activity cost estimates
EX-Developed project team, issue log and change log
MC-Managed change requests, requirements traceability matrix and project schedule
CL-Accepted deliverables
Conclusion was successful transfer of all scanning duties to third party"

"Project Manager directing 1099 filing for 2013 tax returns for all clients
IN-Developed project charter
PL-Strategic planning included creating schedule and plan for project deliverables with work groups - set forth goals and expectations for each team
EX-Accuracy and quality control ensured with coordinating detailed WBS and project plan with primary stakeholders
MC-Resource calendars and project management plan updates made to optimize the accuracy and timeliness
CL-Determined project success
Resulted in timely filing with the IRS for all clients"

"Project Manager for retention of client documents from onsite and offsite providers to our scanning/storage provider for discounted rates and easier access.
IN-Performed feasibility testing
PL-Development milestones and risk management plan
EX-Obtained project resources using the procurement plan
MC-Managed and controlled costs using the project funding requirements
CL-Evaluated and Accepted deliverables using work performance data
Project successful to procure & develop ongoing expectations of clients"

"Project Manager for recovering images and retaining clients due to unexpected server loss from a third party provider resulted in data loss for all client document images.
IN-Developed project charter and identified process assets
PL-Estimated costs, created WBS, identified risks
EX-Acquired & managed project team, executed project management plan
MC-Measured & monitored project deliverables to meet stakeholder expectations
CL-Met with stakeholders to determine project success and follow-up items
Project results were successful and no clients lost"

Need Help - Your PMP application requires your attention 7 years 1 week ago #8389

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Hi David,

you shouldn't get frustrated nor give up, you have done so much so far and you need to continue tour efforts till you achieve your goal.

below are some comments I have, I think if you have handled such comments and reflected them on your project description your chances will be better:

1- there are 2 basic yet very important definitions in the PMBOK what is a project and what is project management. you need to review all your projects descriptions in light of those 2 definitions.
- A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.
- Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the
project requirements. Project management is accomplished through the appropriate application and integration of
the 47 logically grouped project management processes, which are categorized into five Process Groups.

2- make sure your project description adheres to the PMBOK project definition temporary endeavor delivering unique result
(Note: in your project list there are two similar items that produce the exact similar result which may indicate it is a process rather than a project: 1099 filing for 2015 tax and earlier years, you need to either remove those items or make it very clear why you consider such items as projects. )

3- make sure you clearly describe your role in the project using the terms used in the PMBOK and relating this to the domain of the project
(Note: in your projects descriptions you listed process names in each of the process groups.
First you don't have to list activities in all process groups.
Second, you have to relate the activities to the project domain so for example instead of collected requirements you can say I have met with the tax authority representatives, in such meetings we used interviews, idea mapping, and observations to come up with the requirements document and the tractability matrix )

4- you have to list each project seperatly and specify one contact for each project. it would be better if you can list multiple projects with the same contact which will help you in case you were selected for audit.

Good Luck (Y)
Ahmed Amin Abdullah, PMP
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