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7 years 3 months ago #8011


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Hello PMP aspirants,
Once you get the essence of PMP after studying dry PMBOK (must).
1) Start listening to PrepCast
2) Take exams via PM exam simulator (questions are very close to real exam).

Other best sources are HeadFIrst book and PassionatePMP (youtube).
Study Headfirst ignoring the supporting stories(like lounge or travel) and study only the content and take 15 questions after each chapter.

One million dollar question that everyone might have is am I ready to take the exam. Here is my answer.
1. PrepCast exam simulator result should be 75% and above. Note : Try to finish 3hrs and keep the other hr for reviewing.(you will be tired and frustrated sometimes but that is normal)
2. Out of Oliver 175 questions - should get 100/175. (this the last check point)

last but not least ... 4hrs time managing is very important. There will be some unknown(weeds) questions you should ignore those and continue. Every minute is important.

All the best.
7 years 3 months ago #8009

Kunle Bunmi

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Thanks for your response! Get back to you very soon!!!!
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Lazard Toe, ITBMC, MPM, CIPM, PMP, ITIL's Avatar

You are good to go. But don't relent in your effort. Keep reviewing your mistakes and take news questions

Good luck and best regards
7 years 3 months ago #8006

Mark Wuenscher, PMP

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When is your exam date? Your score ranges are similar to mine prior to when I took the PMP exam and passed on June 1st. However, I must emphasize that your current scores and preparation provide no guarantee that you will pass the actual exam. I found the actual exam to be harder than any of the simulated exams I took. There were more situational types of questions on the actual exam. The simulator questions are excellent preparation and I know that I would not have passed had I not worked through most of them. If you have time, I strongly recommend that you continue answering as many simulator questions as possible. If you don't have time to take a complete mock exam, then do the shorter 25, 50, 100 question timed exams. Just make sure they are timed though as it is still critical to have the time pressure. Remember to review both your correct and incorrect answers after each exam to increase your learning. Good luck to you and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Kunle Bunmi

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I will be seating for the PMP exam very soon. I have been using the simulator tests from PrepCast and PM study. For the PrepCast my average score on the first attempt ranges from 75% to 83% and I scored above 90% in all the quiz part of the simulator .I purchased 4 simulator test of PM study. In this exam only 175 questions are scored. So far I have taken 3 tests and my score ranges from 73% to 84%. Can I say I'm in a good stand to sit for the exam?

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