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Deborah Waitzman

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Could you say that this "issue" arose during execution; got documented in the Issue Log (as an output of Manage Stakeholder Engagement) "they're halfway through executing" and is currently being addressed by the Issue Log (Input) to Control Stakeholder Management? Or is it pushing the question too far? Thank you.
4 years 3 months ago #7732

Twana Amin

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Thanks Michel ,

This question is Q. 14 self assisment stakeholder

It is clear now
4 years 3 months ago #7731

Michael DeCicco

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Twana, where did you find this question?
The monitor and control knowledge area occurs throughout the project. It is not a separate and distinct phase or event. So here we are in the middle of our project and we've got some questions about the stakeholder management plan. During that time when we are questioning it, we are performing M&C to determine if we need to do some more work on the plan or change something in it.
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Twana Amin

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Below question is strange for me .
As per my understanding " halfway through execution " she is working in Execution Not M& C . however as per the document she is in the M&C process

kindly your support

Question 14: Carole's project is halfway through execution. She is currently reviewing the Stakeholder Management Plan and thinks that she needs to revisit the Plan Stakeholder Management process to make some necessary adjustments to the plan. Which process is Carole currently performing? A.) Identify Stakeholders B.) Plan Stakeholder Management C.) Manage Stakeholder Engagement D.) Control Stakeholder Engagement Correct answer is D

Explanation: Since the project is halfway through execution and Carole is planning to revisit the Plan Stakeholder Management process, she cannot be currently performing the Plan Stakeholder Management process. This must be a process from the monitoring and controlling process group, i.e., Control Stakeholder Engagement process. Reference: PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, page 409

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