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TOPIC: Failed PMP! Need help

Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6796

  • Kir
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Recently on 4th jan i failed my exam of PMP. Please suggest me what to do ?? when i will try for second time?? How much time will i need more to prepare for new PMP exam. Should i try in Feb first week or take more time??

Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6797

  • Yasir Mehmood
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Hi Kir,

Failure can be demotivating but we have to pick ourselves up and try again. Focus your study time in areas that you did not do well. Take multiple simulated exams and dig deep to find why something is the right answer and why you got it wrong. There's no hard and fast rule on how much time you should take to prepare for the exam or when you should retake it; it depends on when you feel you're ready and how well you're performing on simulated exams.

Persistence and hard work always pays off so review your original study plan and study hard. Here are some questions that might help us give you some pointers on preparing for the exam.

1. You prepared for the older version of the exam and it is changing on Jan 11 (keep that in mind, so you need more time now to prepare for a re-take - first week of Feb might be too early in my opinion). Which other book(s) and materials did you use besides the PMBOK to prepare for the exam?
2. How high were your scores on simulated exams averaging out to be?
3. When you took the exam, how did you score on each area (proficient, etc.)?
4. How much time did you spend preparing for the exam the first time?

Again, don't be demotivated! I'm sure success isn't too far away :)
Yasir Mehmood, MBA, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, CLP (LeSS), CSPO
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Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6806

  • Stephen Brownell
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I've taken the Cissp, Mcse, Ccie written and a slew of others in my career............I just failed the PMP 3 hours ago. 1mp, 4 belows. I had no right taking the exam other than out of frustration with this test change on January 11. My practice exam 200 question tests never were above 65 percent.

I'll simply take more exam tests and when I get to 75% and can do ev, eac and pert/standard Deviation well and PDM very fast I will take it again. I had apps 20 formula based questions today. Mostly ev, eac, cv and Arrow on activity, PDM.

I studied my brains out for 3 months but it never really sank in. Now that I have experienced the real exam in the real environment. I know what to do.
Take 50-100 test engine knowledge questions a day.

I tried Rita but it just never sunk in.....Rita is very popular but not for me. Read the book 4 times. Did not sink in.
Biggest thing is I will watch the Cornelius podcasts 4 per day at least twice each and write down notes from the podcasts to get it to synchronize in.
I did not do that until 2 weeks prior to trying out the exam and it cost me.

Tests. Pm prep cast engine. The best tests
Podcasts......pm precast Easily the biggest value add in the industry.

I'm 25 years as a technology architect and have taken multiple psychometric tests....my test today was short questions and very vague answers to choose from.

The test changes in 3 days and. Think I may like it better. We will see.
It's no big deal to take multiple times. I work with brilliant project managers who cannot pass the exam. I work with not so brilliant PMPs who get laid off all the time. Everyone in my group at work that is a PMP has failed the PMP at least once before success. Don't let drama enter in to this.

Spend the money .....keep spending it. It pays off x10.

Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6808

  • Muhammad Zeeshan
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How I Passed My PMP?
A Guide for those who failed PMP more than once
I have been a distracted soul all my life, didn’t really understand the purpose and like millions out there couldn’t figure out what is for me in this life. Though I have struggled all my life finding answers, through internet research, visiting libraries, reading books of different kinds, until I came across PMIs PMP. I work in Operations Department in a Transportation company, and had delivered several projects, working with team, collaborated oversees staff, and suppliers, but didn’t really looked into certifications until someone referred me PMP.
Passing PMP became one of my dreams, I got to admit that I attempted exam 04 times, which includes 01 CAPM exam, which I passed at my first attempt though after failing PMP twice. Why I pursued CAPM?, After failing PMP twice in a row I was sure that PMP is a no go for me, so in order to come out clean from what I had started 01 year back and the time, energy, and indeed the cost of books, boot camp, exams and re-registration fees, I thought to go for CAMP instead, as most of my coworkers knew for about an year that I was pursuing for PMP, and have not been able to succeed would have put me into state of embarrassment.
So I passed CAPM, it took me about 10 days to revise my PMP notes, which I had prepared for my PMP exams and attempted at least 3,000 questions before PMP exam. CAPM is for the people who have little background in Project management. Exam is comparing to PMP is same curriculum, but its way easier than PMP. I finished one hour ahead of exam end time.

Lessons Learned From CAPM Exam
• Read a study guide which is easy to understand & it emphasis is CAPM more than PMP (I used Joseph Phillips CAPM/PMP)
• Read PMBOK guide (PMBOK guide will make much sense for you now)
• Go back to your CAPM study guide & revise until you sure of all topics are fully understood and memorized.
• CAPM exam questions are straight forward, and there are questions directly referring to ITTOs, so understand them well as well as memorize the ones you have difficulty with.
My wife drove me back home from Prometric Center. I was happy to achieve CAPM, and felt a sense of relief that I am now certified CAPM, while driving home updated my LinkedIn profile with CAPM capitalizing all letters next to my name, received few comments & likes. It was a good day!
Later at night, I realized that I didn’t quite fulfil what I really dreamed for.
I was craving for something and I knew it deep down within myself what it was, it was indeed PMP. I couldn’t resist and started to fill out the application, and got that approved in few days.
One of my friends referred me for Kim Heldman PMP Study Guide.
I mostly purchase books thru amazon on kindle or pdf formats, as I am not based in U.S so its saves me from hefty shipping costs. Reading from devices is very common now a days but it just does not cut it. For my last 02 attempts for PMP, my study notes were from Rita & PMBOK. I took all notes on Ms. Word, (which I believe is not one of the preferred methods I like anymore.) There is no doubt both books are well crafted and best way to prepare for exams, but I liked Kim Heldman better. Kim has done a very good job aligning processes & knowledge areas as they occur in PMBOK guide, so for the people who doesn’t have previous knowledge about project management & knowledge areas, they will be more comfortable with Kim. (I again encourage everyone who is preparing for both CAPM and PMP to study PMBOK guide at least once. PMP students should consider studying it more than once.)

I bought original book from nearby store and used that book as my primary source for PMP studies. At the end of each chapter there are real world examples for better understanding of subject matter with applied approach. I used a pencil to mark important areas, and took small notes. For revision I used the same book over and over again, that approach developed mind mapping of process groups and helped me to memorize quite a lot of the material.
I encourage all out there to prepare PMP exam with a book they find it easy for understanding and use that as your notes to help you better understand, mind map, memorize & avoid risking to omit points we may miss while taking notes.
Always try to get an original book, reading in computer is very difficult as well as Ms Word notes are flat papers which do not support in memorizing as much as hand written notes or original books itself.
Lessons Learned for PMP exam
• Buy an original printed version of easy study guide (Kim Heldman)
• Study cover to cover, mark, highlight areas, and take small notes
• Read PmBok cover to cover
• Prepare brain dump sheets for the topics you find hard to memorize
Review them everyday
• Make 01 original book as your primary source of notes and study guide which you will do revision from multiple times.
• Refer to Rita’s Process chart (very helpful, few questions are always from there)
• Do Rita, Kim Heldman practice questions
• Do Earned value questions (Aileen Ellis) from several sources, memorize formulas and in your 15 minutes of tutorial time write all formulas on scrap paper given to you in exam.
Key to success in exam is focus, practice, practice, revision, revision and revision and more revision.
“Among Dream & achievements there is only one thing called Action”
The quality of your life is the quality of your communication
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Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6813

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Thank you for your testimony.

Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6831

  • Stephen Brownell
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Thank you for your advice. I may first do the CAPM as I must also do the ITIL and Software Defined Networking for my job position skills. With the CAPM in hand. I may have a better path to the PMP.
Excellent in site.

Failed PMP! Need help 6 years 8 months ago #6857

  • Mark Chropufka, PMP
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I recommend doing as many full length practice exams as you can and reviewing the tests to see your weak areas and understand the concepts behind the questions.


Failed PMP! Need help 3 years 3 months ago #17850

  • Anonymous
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Thank you very much Muhammad Zeeshan for your advice on passing PMPs.
/Thanks Anna
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