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7 years 11 months ago #6729

Tracey South

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Hi: I agree with Lazard that there is no straightforward answer. Spend the next two weeks working on your brain dump and ensuring that you have your processes and formulas down pat. I would do a targeted study at this point. Focus on areas that need improvement or where you don't have a comfort level.

If you have done the work and prepped properly, you should be able to pass. Go in with confidence. I would continue to take practise exams and focus on what you are getting incorrect. Don't just look at what you got wrong but understand the why. This will help you in the final exam.

Good luck!
7 years 11 months ago #6726


Lazard Toe, ITBMC, MPM, CIPM, PMP, ITIL's Avatar

You are welcome. It is a pleasure.

I would say there is no straightforward answer regarding the ideal score before taking the real test. You could be having 90% correct answers with the best simulator and fail. First ensure you are using a recommended simulator like the one of Cornelius. Secondly, you are taking new questions. Thirdly it is recognised that if you have consistently (3 tines) 80% correct answers for new questions you have good chance to pass.
If you have read the PMP handout, you should know what to do on the day before and the exam day and all the precautions you should follow. For the study, no long reading at the time is not recommended. More practice is advised. Review and fix your areas of weaknesses and take more mock questions and run at least 4 full exams during the last week.
Believe in your self and your capacity to succeed. Do not overwhelm with a lot of tools. Tools offer by Cornelius are enough.
Good luck
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Mohit Saxena

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Thanks for the answer.
and valuable tips.
My exam is planned in two week I am getting 70% in simulator.
Do you think that's enough score to pass real one.
second what should be the approach in last weeks.!
7 years 11 months ago #6723


Lazard Toe, ITBMC, MPM, CIPM, PMP, ITIL's Avatar

Hi Mohit,

The straightforward answer is the system will consider the option you have selected and give you your mark if you did select the correct answer or otherwise.
The review option is for your own purpose. It enables you to mark difficult question which you are uncertain about the correct answer and to come back for review if you have time. You can select another option if you change your mind or keep it if you do not.

2 important tips:
1. It is said that the first impression is 70% correct. So it is advisable to only change it when you have a valid reason.
2. Always respond to all questions even if you do not know the correct answer. The system does not charge you for wrong option.

Hope the above answers your query? If not I can still develop.
Good luck.
7 years 11 months ago #6722

Mohit Saxena

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I have a question on pmp exam
If someone selects answer to a question and also Mark it for review. But in the end forgets to Unmark it. Does exam checks that answer?


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