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TOPIC: Change control process

Change control process 1 year 6 months ago #6114

  • Ram
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Hi All,

Lets assume, as part of perform integrated change control a change of scope baseline gets approved So, this change will be implemented in Direct & manage project work process & then get updated in to the documents or updated in the documents in same perform integrated change control process & then implemented in the Direct & Manage project work.

Please advise.


Change control process 1 year 6 months ago #6117

  • Jonathan Emmons
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Hi Ram -

I thought this was a little more straightforward, then I reviewed the ITTOs per the PMBOK guide and re-watched the PrepCast lessons where it talks about the outputs to both Perform Integrated Change Control and Direct and Manage Project Work, and I'm now less sure.

I can tell you that my understanding, and what seems to be reinforced in the PrepCast lesson on Direct and Manage Project Work, is that the document updates would typically occur during that process based on approved change requests that come out of the Perform Integrated Change Control process. This makes sense to me in that while the executive decision is made by the CCB, the ripple impacts that need to be updated would be takeaways for the PM to work through, which would seem to put us back into Direct and Manage Project Work.

That said, Project Management Plan Updates is also an output of Perform Integrated Change Control. There's nothing immediately obvious (to me) in the PMBOK Guide and my quick review of the PrepCast lesson on Perform Integrated Change Control that draws a distinction between these two outputs. My best guess as to the reason why this is in two places (and if someone else has a more authoritative answer, PLEASE feel free to correct me here) is that some updates are more involved than others, and those what involve work will be handled in Direct and Manage Project Work while those that require only the documentation of decisions would be addressed as part of Perform Integrated Change Control. That's just a guess, though. The PrepCast lessons certainly put the emphasis on the Direct and Manage Project Work process, however, so that's what I would recommend using as your model when studying.

(For what it's worth, I don't recall any questions where that particular distinction would have impacted the answer.)
Jonathan Emmons, PMP
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Change control process 1 year 6 months ago #6126

  • Ram
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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your update.

But certainly, it needs a clarity on the project document updates about the subsidiary of PM plan changes.

Others, please share your views to have an better understanding on this subject.

Many thanks.


Change control process 1 year 6 months ago #6130

  • Tracey South
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Hi Ram:

I hope I am interpreting your question correctly. I think of Change Control as an ongoing, oversight activity that goes hand in hand with the Direct & Manage Project Work process. The changes to the project documents are not mutually exclusive in either process. For example, a change request may impact timelines so a new baseline is derived coming out of change control. After the work has been completed, project documents need to be updated to capture the actual time spent on delivering the activity.

Does this help?

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Change control process 1 year 6 months ago #6132

  • Puneet Singh
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Question is not clear because you have not specified what Project Document ?

My Answer is:

Once a change request is approved by ICCB, result is updated in change log and then Project Management Plan is updated. In Direct and Manage Work ALL work is executed based on Project Management Plan(Project Files not Project Document).

Approved change request is implemented by Direct and Manage project work, however results are validated by Control Quality .Approved change requests are input to control quality also. Approved changes that result from the Perform Integrated Change Control process require validation to ensure that the change was appropriately implemented.
Validated changes from Control Quality are logged in work performance reports in Monitor and Control Project Work.These Work Performance reports are input to Manage Communications and distributed as Project Communications.
So if you are project stakeholder you will be updated of a change that was implemented successfully at this stage.
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