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8 years 4 months ago #5911

Darrin Hawe

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Hi Michael:

PMI provided me a PMI 'eligibility ID' once they took payment and allowed me to schedule the exam. I used that ID at Prometric to schedule an 'appointment.' My confusion stems from the Prometric use of the word appointment coupled with the fact that PMI doesn't appear to have a feedback loop on when exams have been scheduled. The conclusion I drew from those two facts was that I might have missed a step in confirming the exam. I do have the confirmation from Prometric on the scheduled appointment, so I guess I'll chalk up my confusion to paranoia and the concern that if something is botched with the exam date/time, I'd be testing on the new version of the exam rolling out 2 November.

I might follow up with both PMI and the local testing center, thanks for both the reply and the suggestion!
8 years 4 months ago #5910

Michael DeCicco

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Prometric confirms your appointment with a confirmation email. If you have something official from the website after you scheduled the appointment then you should feel confident that you are set to take the test at that date and time. I'm sure there is something that unlocks the permissions for you to schedule the test once PMI affirms you. As for the feedback from prometric to pmi I can't be sure until you complete the test. In which case Prometric absolutely confers your results to PMI. Perhaps the email you got asking to schedule the exam was only a reminder. If still unsure you can call your test center or PMI hqs.
8 years 4 months ago #5909

Darrin Hawe

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I have what may be a really silly question, but I learned long ago that asking silly questions early can avoid having major problems down the road.

I filled out my PMP app, submitted it to PMI, paid the fee, and was then told to schedule the exam.

I 'made an appointment' with Prometric for the exam. I have two basic questions after this process:

1. Is scheduling the 4.5 hour appointment Prometric's way of saying I'm taking the exam?

2. PMI is still telling me its time to schedule the exam, even know I have with Prometric. Does PMI ever receive word that I have scheduled an appointment/exam?

I'm a bit concerned that I have mucked something up in the process. And how would I reschedule the exam in case I fail it?

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