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Todd Hammer

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The Audit can be a good thing though. Lets say you submit your application (step 2 outlined by Nishant), and it gets accepted. Then you study 6 months then go to pay for the test (step 3). At this time, you get audited, which isn't a big deal because you were honest and transparent on your application and history. After your audit comes back as successful, your time is then extended AN ADDITIONAL year. More study time!!

Back to you question though, Nishant is right, you need to get your application approved before you have the opportunity to pay for the exam.
5 years 2 months ago #5987

Nishant Desai

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Dear Christian,

The Process is as follow:
(1) You apply for PMP credential once you believe that you meet all eligibility criteria.
(2) Within 5-7 days, you would get decision if application is accepted or rejected (Assuming your application is randomly selected for Audit process). Your one year validity starts as soon as you receive application acceptance confirmation.
(3) You pay for fees for exam (Your application might get selected for audit even at this step also).
(4) Once you pay, you will receive eligibility ID to schedule exam on Prometric site.

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Christian Winter

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I have an administrative question regarding paying for the PMP exam. Is it possible to pay in advance for taking the PMP exam at a later state after you have collected all the required information, contact hours etc. by running through the PMP Prepcast for example?

My company is willing to pay this month the self study material (Prepcast) and also the exam fee. Next month I would need to pay by myself.
I have ordered the prepcast and ready to start, but now wondering if I can buy the exam at PMI already next days, or if I need to wait until I have my contact hours achieved via the prepcast.

Many thanks

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