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8 years 5 months ago #5760

Ahmed Amin

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Congratulations :cheer: , it is good news to hear, welcome to the club ;)
8 years 5 months ago #5759

Sathish Kumar

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Dear friends,

I cleared my PMP exam. with 4MP and 1 BP (planning..). :unsure:

The exam never tested me... There were no challenging or lengthy questions. All were direct questions... during the preparation I was scared of questions containing the word NOT(I never got them right during my mock. over a period of time I selected one answer and ignored it.. then i worked on other 3 options).

The qualty of questions were excellent and I was very curious what the next question would be. this kept me very active throughout the exam. lots of calculation questions.. I took one 6 minute break after 75 questions...

I answered 42 questions in 1st hour. I was confident that I will clear the exam with 5MPs(which i had planned). 80+ questions in second hour... main reason was mathematical questions..but never worried about time. after 3 hours i answered 130+ questions.. during the final hour I was a fully charged. I ended up with 15 mins in hand. marked only 3 mathematical questions as they were very confusing in the first attempt. Due to confidence they looked very easy in second attempt. finished them and i took the survey, when i still had 12 minutes left. I provided some feedback and finally clicked submit with a smile... after few seconds i got congratulations as expected.

but BP in planning is still a mistery...

Full credits to cornelius fitchner... PM Prepcast/PM simulator/PM study mock tests helped me to where I am now.

I will post lessons learned in separate topic. If I had read any PREP book completely atleast once, I would have defnitely planned for 5P and ended up at 4P and 1MP (in planning).
8 years 5 months ago #5757

Steve Sandoval

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It sounds like today is Test Day... Good Luck!
8 years 5 months ago #5756

Jeremy Papp

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Relax, and go into the exam with confidence. Trust your judgement and the efforts you have put in to prepare.

Of course, don't forget to eat well and get enough rest!

Good luck.
8 years 5 months ago #5754

Craig Arcuri

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Best of luck to you. As the others have said, it is a good time to relax. This will help you feel refreshed and ready to ace the exam!
8 years 5 months ago #5753

Rahul Kakkar

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Sathish Kumar wrote: ;)

I have less than 24hrs for the exam and I am very happy for the last 2 days.. My plan was read as you go (Not read {PMBOK or any prep book completely)....test as you go (attempt questions and choose the wrong option exactly.. :cheer: )....mock scores have been 70-80 . I don't worry about the scores... i listened to prepcast and tried pm simulator.. confidence had definitely improved from -25 to +75.

My dump sheet will definitely have lot of smileys... no plans to write down anything in the sheets.

I am not sure about tomorrow....what ever it is I have plans for weekend....

Wish you all a wonderful day. keep smiling...

Relax and believe you'll do just fine. Ensure you reach the centre early enough to be comfortable. Recheck the address. And have an absolutely great day tomorrow! Good luck

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