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Thank you for the answer. Reviewing my answers to Oliver Lehmann's test now and could not figure this one out. His site and test has been pointed out as a great source: http:/

Great site here. Thank you.
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Why don't you subtract cost for 1st year $250,000. 250,000/1.05= 238,095

Therefor NPV = 326,791-238,095 = 88,696
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Ileana Olivar

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The formula used is the formula to calculate the percentage value
Percent Change = (New Value - Old Value) × 100%
Old Value|
Also hoping the real questions are not this tricky. Can't afford to spend 5 mins in one question..
2 years 2 months ago #10352

Veda Kaul

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Hi, can someone please explain two things:

1) Is a cost reduction and the net profits the same thing? ($120,000 and $15,000)?

Also, can you please explain the last step:

compare PV of both projects = (326791-317709)/326791*100 = 3%

What is the exact formula for this? I presume this is NPV? But, it doesn't match the NPV formula I found. If you could please provide greater clarification between your steps would be very helpful.

Also, is it safe to assume that the real PMP won't be this difficult? Is Oliver Lehmann's exams much more difficult than the real PMP? Thanks!
4 years 2 weeks ago #5704

Steve Sandoval

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Sathish's approach looks correct to me -- I would go with D also.
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It came from oliver Lehman practice exam.

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