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TOPIC: Failed Yesterday :(

Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5603

  • Lindsey English
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This was my first attempt, and I failed. My study guides were the PM PrepCast videos and the Christopher Scordo PMP Exam Prep Book. I had taken every practice test and quiz within that book prior to the exam. I found that the real exam questions were more difficult than the practice ones. In the Scordo book, the questions are rather long winded, but provided more information so as to be able to select the "best answer" from multiple possible correct answers. I found that the real exam questions were less detailed, and therefore I struggled to select the "best" answer.

Many of my questions were "whats next" questions. Such as "You have just completed X, and Y has just occurred. What is your next step?" And I could almost always narrow it down to 2 possible choices that could be done as a next step, but there was not enough information provided in the question for me to determine what in fact should be the "best" next step. In a real life scenario, I would generally have much more information available to me about the situation in order to make an appropriate decision.

I received 3 MPs, and failed, so I feel like I am nearly there and am hopeful to pass on my second attempt. I will continue with a different exam prep book as hopefully the format of the questions is more similar to the real exam questions.

Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5604

  • Ayo O
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Hi Lindsey,

I am sorry to hear that but don't worry, with 3 MP's, you are almost there!!
The "what's next" questions you talked about sound to me like they are testing your knowledge of the sequence of the 47 processes and how they interact. Try and spend more time on the processes and understand them.
You might also want to focus on the 2 process groups where you didn't have MPs to improve your score.

If you do have specific areas you need help with, we will be here on PM PrepCast forum to assist you.
Good luck in your next attempt!
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Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5606

  • Ahmed Amin
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sorry to hear that, Good luck in your next attempt.

try to identify the weak points and work on them, 3 MP's you were almost there !

try also to spend more time in taking practice exams and after each exam try to analyze your results and identify the questions you answered wrong then review the knowledge area related. make sure you always improve after each practice exam.
Ahmed Amin Abdullah, PMP
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Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5607

  • Jeremy Papp
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That's too bad! It certainly will be an opportunity to inspect and evaluate your weak areas and focus on improving. Other things to consider:

- How was your time management? Did you finish with enough time to revisit marked questions?
- Did you feel you were well rested, confident, or otherwise feeling 'good'

Try to do this introspection as soon as possible as it is still fresh in your mind. Overall, if you practice some more and keep at it you'll be successful!

Good luck.

Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5609

  • Dawn Upperman
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Hi Lindsey,

So sorry about your results. I admire the fact that you are not giving up and jumping back in to keep trying. Feel free to continue seeking support/study suggestions from the forum. Take your time and retake the exam when you feel ready.

Failed Yesterday :( 1 year 10 months ago #5617

  • Todd Hammer
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I would suggest getting the 4 hour practice tests from exam.pm-exam-simulator.com/.

Run through 2 of those a week for the next month. After taking each test, go back and figure out why you missed the questions you missed. There's your study items.

You will be ready the next time you take it!!
Todd Hammer, PMP
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