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5 years 11 months ago #5158

Robert Treacy

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Hi Dawn,

Thanks for the reply, this has sat for so long I wondered if it was too confusing the way I worded it. I did not purchase a printed PMBOK, I have been using the electronic version exclusively, which I downloaded in November 2014. I verified with a co-worker (at another site) that the electronic version he downloaded about a week ago does not match his printed version. I will have to see if PMI has a new version in the queue to correct this error, or an errata sheet to address this and any other errors in my version. Our electronic copies clearly have duplicate labels in these boxes!

Your label in the bottom box makes much better sense, thank you!

5 years 11 months ago #5157

Dawn Upperman

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Hi Bob,

I think the confusion may be that the box on the bottom actually says "Develop Project Management Plan" and not "Direct and Manage Project Work". Hope this helps. Best of luck on the exam!
5 years 11 months ago #5140

Robert Treacy

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I was reviewing Figure X1-1 Refined Data Model, on page 467 of the PMBOK 5th ed. and I was glad to see this already drawn because I had already started a similar diagram. However, I noticed a couple of things I find confusing.

1) There are two boxes labeled Direct & Manage Project Work (one top & one bottom), perhaps this was intentional to prevent lots of line crossovers?

2) If 1) above is true, then the Line on the left of the diagram 'Project Management Plan Updates' is output-from and input-to the same process. I guess this could be justified, but seems an odd way to draw the diagram. Am I interpreting this correctly?

3) Work Performance Reports are shown as an input to the bottom occurrence of D&M Proj. Work, but I cannot find a process definition anywhere in PMBOK that itemizes this in the input list. The line crossovers are not as clear as they could be since no connection nodes are marked, but this line clearly appears be an input. Is this a misprint or error or am I misunderstanding the diagram?


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