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Andre Roux

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Hi Nicholas,

I remember while preparing for my PMP exam that I also had some doubt on the reasoning behind some of the "correct" responses relating to the ethics issue.

I hold a pretty "black or white" type of value system, and found that while my natural response would have been to cry foul of anything smelling bribe'ish, it was incorrect, as the correct answers mostly required a more pragmatic approach, which involved involving superiors or local experts to advise on the local customs and to follow an approach of transparency when in such a situation.

In summary I found that following an approach of being transparent, while allowing flexibility for adapting to do "when in Rome, do as the Romans", was the correct answers.

PMI accepts the fact that values are different in different part of the world, but also that no one value system should be considered supreme. Tolerance and transparency is the key thing to remember, even though it might go against what is considered correct where you or I might be coming from.

Hope this helps.

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Nicholas Croglio

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The statements seem very clear, but the test question answers I see seem unreasonable.

One of the books PMP Achieve has several questions using different wording that give the same impression.

Basically, you are in a foreign country, and when you return you are either FORCED to pay an unofficial fee to leave, or you are FORCED to pay an unofficial fee to take the company's property out of the country. It was not listed as an expedite fee or optional.

Their answer claims it can appear like a bribe and should not be put on an expense report, and that you should just not report it at all. There were several other options including talking to sponsors, reporting it as an expense, ...

Is this what the PMP wants for the answer? I knew when I read the second question exactly what that author wanted to hear, but is that what the PMP wants us to say? I mean being forced to pay something out of pocket as part of the job is the responsibility of the project.

Note, this is not even close to Copyright infringement as Copyright only covers the EXACT wording of something and not the general meaning. I point this out as the PMI seems to have some crazy interpretations of ethics if this author is correct.

Also, the PMP Exam simulator does not include an ethics section, so I cannot just beat this section like a dead horse to figure out your interpretation.

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