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Please Provide PMP Form
6 years 10 months ago #4611

Rahul Kakkar

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Thank you for the replies. I think I'll go with Dawn's and Michael's suggestions.
6 years 10 months ago #4603

Michael DeCicco

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Kruger, I commend you for seeking professional development in the form of project management certification. You have posed some interesting hurdles and my fellow colleagues have provided some good feedback to your concerns. Let me reinforce what they have said.

Foremost, the first bit of advice I offer to all prospective candidates taking on the PMP journey is to maintain confidence in themselves. You will need to have sureness in yourself and a plan to pass. Your concerns are very much shared among numerous candidates and I encourage to remain positive. I have laid out a roadmap for taking the PMP journey at www.michaelspmpsite.wordpress.com and other information that you could find useful.

Second, You are thinking correctly about how the process works to simply even be qualified for taking the exam. You will need an updated application with references to verify your work if called upon, much like a reference for a job application. And you don't want to be stuck should one of those references not pan out because PMI might deny your application based on lack of evidence for project management experience.

Therefore, you may want to consider selecting an alternate manager or team leader. Share your vision with that person and go over your application information so that he or she would be able to speak about your work, if PMI performs an audit.
6 years 10 months ago #4602

Dawn Upperman

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Hi Kruger,
In answer to your first question, if you can get another person to verify your work, you do not need to share this with your Manager. This also applies to your second question if your Manager is out for maternity leave. Just make sure when you list your contact on your application that you list the person who you are confident will be available if you are audited and confirm with them that they would be willing to verify your work. I had a similar situation where I did not want my former manager to be involved in my PMP exam attempt and I was able to bypass her by using another person who could verify my work. I ended up getting audited and I was so glad I used the contact that I did. Best of luck!
6 years 10 months ago #4594

Joy Iyer

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Kruger, I ma not sure why you would not like to reveal this to your Manager till you pass. Would it not be a good idea to discuss this with your Manager so that maybe your Manager can even support you by giving you time off before the exam etc?

Regarding your Manager being away, why don't you wait till your Manager is back next year? You can always start preparing and apply for the exam when your paperwork is in order.

I would strongly recommend getting the support of your Manager and doing things the right way. This would avoid unnecessary complications if you are audited.
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Rahul Kakkar

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I was just going through the application form and I noticed that we have to provide our immediate manager's contact details (from my current job).

I have two reservations regarding this:

1. I would not be comfortable sharing with her that I am taking the PMP exam, until I have passed it.
2. Let's say my application does get audited, my current manager is on maternity leave and will return only next year! As a result of which she will not be anyway contactable.

Please advise on what can be done?

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