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Joy Iyer

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Jeff, the PMBOK guide states that the Project Scope Statement 'documents the entire scope, may contain explicit scope exclusions'. It would seem that the system boundary that you are referring to needs to be clearly identified in the Project Scope Statement.
Key stakeholders need to sign-off the Scope Statement including the Project Director and the PM.

From personal experience I can state that I have worked on projects wherein some form of RACI chart has been appended to the Project Scope Statement to give an idea of system boundaries, and if multiple parties/contractors are involved then this helps identify the system boundaries/battery limits for each party/contractor.
9 years 5 months ago #4366

Brett Palmer

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Hi Jeff, every company is different but as Sven pointed out, document signoff process would be described in the project's scope management plan. Once the approved document is signed, then it should be distributed by the project manager according to the communication management plan.


9 years 5 months ago #4365

Ahmed Amin

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Hi jeff,
Actually it depends on each organization policies, procedures and culture.
however i would recommend the document should be created by a system analyst or the system architect and then reviewed and approved by the project manager.
Regarding signature; I find your suggestion, the project sponsor and the IT director, is quite reasonable.
I would suggest also distributing the document tothe proect team and stakeholders.

Ahmed amin
9 years 5 months ago #4363

Sven Gruendahl

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Hi Jeff,

let me go first a step back:
The acceptance of project management as a proffession indicates that the application of knowledge,
processes, skills, tools, and techniques can have a significant impact on project sucess. The PMBOK Guide identifies that
subset of project management body of knowledge that is generally recognized as good practise.

"Generally recognized" means the knowledge and practises described are applicable to most of the projects most of the time and there is consensus abouttheir value and usefulness. "Good practise" means there is general agreement that the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques can enhance the chances of success over many projects. "Good practise" does not mean that the knowledge described should always be applied uniformly to all projects, the organization and/or project management team is responsible for determining what is appropriated for any given project.

Having said that I guess there is no other way around as to simply ask the Project Manager how to handle the documents.
From a "PMBOK " "point of view" it should be described in the Sope Management Plan as
the components of a scope management plane include the process that specifies how formal acceptance of the completed project deliverable will be obtained!

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Jeff Sullivan

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I am building some deliverable for the methodology that the company will be following and I need to know who builds and signs some documents. One of these documents is the System Boundary Document. My internet search is not being very helpful.
Who creates the document I believe is the Project Manager. Signatures, again I believe, are the Project Sponsor and the IT Director. Can anyone confirm this?

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