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Sven Gruendahl

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Hi Ashwin,

it is the other way around.
You need facilitation techniques to make your meetings productive, participative, friendly, cooperative...
There are many of good techniques out there for e.g. Round Robin, Brain storming techniques...
I recommend that you read more details about this techniques to understand at least some of them.

Perform Integrated Change Control is a process from the process group "Monitoring and Controlling"
in the knowledge area "Project Integration Management".
It is the process of reviewing all change requests; approving changes and managing changes to deliverables; opas, project documents and the project management plan; and communicating their disposition.
You can find all the details on page 94 in the PMBOK fifth edition for this process.

A "change log" could be just be a file to document all the changes that occur during a project + approval or reject status.
So if you perfom a change you will of course need to update this file to keep control of all changes.

And you will also need to update all other project documents to implement a change.
Therefore this is a separate Output. Now you need to ask yourself what project documents means for your project right ? :P

So if for e.g. a "change" is to purchase 2 chairs for your project instead of 1 chair due to customer request.
It's not done only with writing it in the Change log ;)
You need to update your purchase list and all documents were this increased number appear.
Cost reports, transport lists etc...

I hope this helps you, otherwise please come up with more detailed questions.

4 years 4 months ago #4254

Ashwin Kini

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Meetings are a part of Facilitation Technique. In Direct and Manage Project Work or other Tools and Techniques where only Meetings are mentioned, can they be considered as Facilitation Technique?

Similarly, when we perform Integrated Change Control, Change Log is also a part of Project document updates. They why do we explicitly mention both Change Log and Project document updates in the output of Perform ICC?

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