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Cornelius Fichtner

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The best strategy of not to fail any exam is to be "perfect" all the time. But since that is not possible I recommend that you target "proficient".

Yes, you can appeal the results of your exam. Please look at the appeals procedure that is defined in the PMP Handbook: www.pmi.org/PDF/PDC_PMPHandbook.pdf
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Debangshu Ghose

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Thank you for a very quick response as always :)

So, what i could infer from your analysis, is as follows;

The best strategy would be to at-least score between Proficient to Moderately proficient to ace the PMP ?

I would also like to mention that my friend noticed PMBOK ver 3.0 questions on his test!!! Firstly, is this acceptable as standard practice by PMI to include Ver 3.0 questions on a Ver 4.0 test. As a test taker, i would expect PMI to deliver the exam strictly on PMBOK Ver 4.0

Is it possible to appeal to PMI to verify the same !!! If yes, could you kindly guide me to the procedure.

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Cornelius Fichtner

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The passing score for the PMP exam is based on your overall score. So you can be below 61% in one domain and then "make it up" in another domain where you reach 90%.

What I see from the results you posted is that your colleague was below proficient in 2 domains but "only" moderately proficient in the others. So he really did not "make up" for these 2 below proficient domains by being proficient in the other domains.

My recommendation in such situations is usually simple: Practice questions, practice questions, practice questions.

So tell your friend that he should now sign up for 1 or 2 online exam simulators and focus on taking one exam after the other. That is an excellent way to prepare for his 2nd attempt. Of course, he should not focus 100% just on that. Some study is still required. But it should be a large chunk of his weekly studies.
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Debangshu Ghose

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One of my study buddies took his PMP test on 27th July and failed !!!

It was a rude shock to all of us, since he put in tremendous efforts before he took the test.

However, as aspiring PMPs, we wanted to get down to the root-cause of his failed attempt and have a few questions that need your insights.

His score sheets looks like as below;

Initiating - Moderately Proficient

Planning - Below Proficient

Executing- Moderately Proficient

Monitoring & Controlling - Moderately Proficient

Closing- Moderately Proficient

Professional Ethics - Below Proficient

Now the questions we have are as follows;

1. Do we require to score a minimum of 61% in all groups to attain a passing score
2. Do we pass if we have an average overall score of 61% which could vary across groups.

If pt.1 is true, then what should be the best strategy to prepare and similarly for pt.2 above ?

Await your insights into this root-cause.


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