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10 years 1 month ago #3839

Edward Marciniak

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Understood on the "updates". A gnat's arse factor as my dad used to say. Thanks. PMP now successfully completed. Thanks to all @ OSP. Quality organization, with an excellent set of products.
10 years 1 month ago #3836

Kevin Reilly

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Hello -

Did you get stumped by this question? The Control Quality process has the following eight outputs, one of which is "Organizational Process Updates Assets". The correct answer to this question is "Organizational Process Assets", which is missing the word "Updates", and is therefore not considered an output of the Control Quality process.

Quality Control Measurements
Validated Changes
Verified Deliverables
Organizational Process Assets Updates
Change Requests
Project Management Plan Updates
Project Documents Updates
Work Performance Information

This was a trick question designed to drive home the point that when taking practice exams, as well as the actual exam, you must always "RTFQ" (Read The Full Question", as well as "RTFA" (Read The Full Answers".

I hope this helped.

Happy Studying!


Kevin W. Reilly, PMP
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OSP International LLC
10 years 1 month ago #3833

Scott Gillard

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My guess is that OPAs are not an output as much as UPDATING them is? You don't create new OPAs. You just update existing ones. Answer D has updates as part of the answer. B does not.

That would be how I could see this as being an option of the four to choose from.
10 years 1 month ago #3831

Edward Marciniak

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Question asks which of the following are not outputs of Control Quality process:

Verified Deliverables
Quality Control Measurements
Proj Document Updates.

System says answer is B but all are outputs of Control Quality

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