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Cornelius Fichtner

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There really isn't a schedule for development other than we are "going top down" in our curriculum.

Take a look at this page here where you can see the list of all lessons that are still in development (the yellow ones): - so theoretically... the two lessons in Module 05 should be next.

However... even though we are going top down doesn't mean that they are released in that order. For example 6.06 has been in development for almost 2.5 weeks. It took so long because it turned out to be 87 slides long, was divided up into four parts and ended up being 1 hour and 20 minutes long in total. So even though I would have liked to publish this one 10 days ago... it just took longer.

So the "top down" approach is the best that I can give you at this time. And if our velocity remains as is, then we'll be done by August 31st. Fingers crossed, because I seriously need a vacation! B)
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Dave Bunte

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Thanks for the update Cornelius!

I just had one follow-on question. Is there some place where we can see a schedule (or at least an order) for the remaining modules? I'd like to stay as close to watching them in order as possible but I also would prefer covering complete knowledge areas. So I need to make the determination whether to skip a KA and come back to it or whether to put the podcast on hold and wait for the modules in that KA. A schedule would be very helpful in making that decision.

Thanks again,

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Cornelius Fichtner

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Here are my answers for you:

1.) Absolutely not. Only use materials that are updated to the current exam standard. The differences between 4th and 5th edition are quite significant in some areas. So you are in essence studying the wrong material if you use the "old" PrepCast. Instead of using the old materials you should be using only the new PMBOK Guide, albeit without being able to watch the missing lessons from us.

2.) The fact that we are turning the "old" PrepCast off on August 15th has no relation to the finish date of our update project. We are turning it off, so that people don't use it any longer, because we don't want anyone to use the old materials for the new exam. At this time I expect the updates to continue until the end of August.
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I am planning to take the pmp 5th edition test and I noticed that there are missing modules in some knowldge areas for the 5th edition prep cast. To continue with my studying, I have been using the 4th edition modules to supplement.

- Should I be using the 4th edition to supplement what is missing from the 5th edition ?
- Are the missing modules expected to be there by august 15th, which is the date that you will shut the 4th edition down?

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