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10 years 6 months ago #2057

Tarek Al-Fahham

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Thanks, Cornelius.

I am really impressed with the way the products are desinged !

Everytime I feel that I need something, then I find it, either free, or at a cost. Well done in all cases.

Please tell me what you think about my strategy for studying.

I have seen many recommendations saying, for example, that I must read the PMBOK twice, use a preparation tool like PM PrepCast and the like. But, I find it very difficult for me to do that like first read the whole PMBOK Guide, then read it once more, then Use PM PrepCast ...etc.

He is my plan, which I think works best for me, and appreciate you comments from your experience:

1. Cover a few lessons or Episodes from PM PrepCast.

2. Review what I have covered by reading related subject from the PMBOK Guide.

3. Review the related topic from the PM Study Guide book I have.

4. Take the exam of the related topics I covered. And, for this, I need a tool like PM Exam Simulator.

The only minor issue I have with PM Exam Simulator is that it I couldn't find a lot of recommendations. But it seems that I need to get such tool, since I have to be ready for the exam towards the end of July.

Appreciate your feedback.

10 years 6 months ago #2056

Cornelius Fichtner

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I believe you are looking for something like an "End of Chapter Exam", right? Well, I'm sorry to tell you that The PM PrepCast does not offer that. We have the free 60 questions that you get along with your purchase but they are aimed at giving you a "taste" of some real exam style questions.

So sorry to disappoint you.

What you could do is to use our new PM Exam Simulator at www.pm-exam-simulator.com and use the QUIZ function. In this function you can say "Give me 30 questions just from Cost". And in this way you can test yourself on this subject area. Note: The simulator is not included in your PrepCast purchase. This would come at a separate cost.
10 years 6 months ago #2055

Tarek Al-Fahham

Tarek Al-Fahham's Avatar

I am using the PM PrepCast. It is wonderful.

I need to make sure I understand each subject or area before I move to the next one. Appreciate your guidance.

I suppose if I follow "E00.02 Directory of PrepCast Episodes" PDF then I will be able to examine my understanding after each subject.

I was thinking that the check/exam samples will be presented to me while I am going through the PrepCast lessons, after I complete each Process Group/Knowledge Areas, right ?

I was looking are the "Directory of PrepCast Episodes" PDF, but I did not see that it is structured this way.

In other words, I want to examine my understadning after I finish each Process Group or Subject Area one at a time so that I move to the next one.

Is this possible, how ? What is your recommendation ?


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