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Sai Pothukoochi

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Please close this thread as I am clear with this question now.

A workaround is developed for an unanticipated risk event; where as this question asks about a risk that is unidentified. So this means since Risk Mgmt is iterative, the next step is to Qualify the risk.

Sorry for posting a new thread on this question.

10 years 2 weeks ago #1775

Sai Pothukoochi

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I am preparing for PMP Certification and came across this question in Rita's PMP exam prep book. The question is:

Q. A system development project is nearing project closing when a previously unidentified risk is discovered. This could potentially affect the project's overall ability to deliver. What should be done next?

A) Alert the project sponsor of potential impacts to cost, scope or schedule.
B) Qualify the risk.
C) Mitigate this risk by developing a risk response plan.
D) Develop a workaround.

I thought the answer is D, because a workaround is a unplanned response to deal with the occurence of unanticipated risks. In the question above it says "previously unidentified risk". So that means this risk was never discovered in the "Identify Risk" process. I thought the next step would be to create a workaround to deal with this unidentified risk but Rita thinks otherwise. She says the next step is to "Qualify the risk". Isn't qualify risk process is for identified risks and secondary risks?

I am very confused here. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can clear the confusion in my head as I still think the answer needs to be "D".

Thanks for your help.


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